Week in Review 091212

Sake Pink Blossom cocktail

I wouldn’t mind one of these after a day working in ED. ;P

The Japanese food scene in Melbourne continues to grow. Everytime I go out I seem to stumble across another Japanese restaurant; not the commercial mainly sushi and don places… but cool, modern, tapas joints! We stumbled across one the other day while strolling along Southbank, called Sake and they make good cocktails- this delicious concoction is called Pink Blossom :o)

Mistletoe Melbourne

The city is changing up its Christmas decorations this year which I’m loving. Check out this giant mistletoe hanging off the bridge! Unfortunately the boyfriend didn’t recognise it was mistletoe, haha~

Huff Bagelry

A bagelry is located down the road from my boyfriend’s house- it’s very cute and they have a great variety of bagels and ensure you get lots of good fillings too! This one is my boyfriend’s pizza bagel.

Graduation decoration

On the day of my Boyfriend’s Graduation, his little sister surprised him by decorating his bedroom door. How cute are the mini Graduation hats?!

I have 3 days off before I have 7 days/nights of ED shift straight- I am going to use them to enjoy this wonderful sun! xx

  1. Carrie said:

    Oh my goodness! That bagel sandwich looks delicious!! *Yum*

    I’ve never been to a Japanese restaurant but I’d love to go. I like eating different kinds of food. Not just soul food, Chinese, and junk all the time. I want to taste test :) When we get a car in 2013, we’re gonna go eat Japanese! ;)

  2. tiff said:

    Man, I love tapa joints. Haven’t been to one of those for over a year though. But now I really want to try one again.

    That’s a big ass mistletoe. If your boyfriend didn’t notice but you did, you should have just wrapped your arms around him and kiss him. After that, as he’s looking confused, you just shrug and say “It’s the mistletoe, I gotta do it.” :P

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