Things I Love

Salmon Skin sushi from Koko Japanese Restaurant

One of my favourite dishes at my favourite Japanese restaurant, Koko. I think they have the best sushi hands down!

I’m back to work in the Emergency Department and am currently on day shift 8am to 5:30pm. I have 2 more days then I get a 3 day break then go back to night shift. Despite going back to work, amazing things have happened to people around me which keeps me smiling.

So here are the things which made me smile this week:

My boyfriend graduating from Med school!; having dinner with my boyfriend’s family- they are such fun and lovely people; garlic and cheese pizza- mmm; seeing familiar faces at work ie. old Registrars you’ve worked with; making an effort to de-clutter my desk and bedroom; Dana Tanamachi’s chalk art- I wished she worked here so I could commission her to do my bedroom!; hot shower after a long day; dinner at my favorite Japanese restaurant Koko; my beautiful friends; Taylor Swift – she’s my secret addiction; listening to the Pitch Perfect soundtrack and laughing out loud as the movie scene corresponding to the song comes to mind; hugs; shirt shopping with my boyfriend; thinking up Christmas gift ideas for people I love; cute Graduation teddy bears; building gingerbread houses; steak and fries at Station Hotel – my go to place for steak; Puzzle Fighter; Perfect Pitch- it was hilarious! I laughed the whole way through and my boyfriend enjoyed it too!; giant mistletoe dangling on one of Melbourne’s bridges and the hospital getting into the Christmas spirit.

Hope you’re all having a lovely week! xx

  1. M said:

    your blog is so cute! the balloons! i assume that’s new~~
    yes yes i’m trying to do more xmas
    congrats on graduating as well!!! :D such a big deal and you’re so young

    • Leanne said:

      Hey M! No I didn’t graduate.. I graduated last year :oP my boyfriend just graduated :o)

  2. wowowow! Congrats to your bf! :D I haven’t had sushi for awhile, but to be honest, there’s no good sushi where I live…so I’d rather eat sushi when I go back to Japan lol XD


  3. Carrie said:

    The emergency department can be tough.. Never worked there but it seems like the nurses are always stressed when there’s a lot of visitors.

    I absolutely love the day shift! Work goes by much quicker when you are working during the day.

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