Week In Review 021212

You have no idea how happy I am to get a break after 7 nights of ED madness! Since I’ve been working on nights, I sleep during the day so have missed the crazy 40 degree celsius day we had in Melbourne, Markit- which I had been looking forward to in the last month, and seeing my family and friends. My sleep cycle is completely screwed and I’ve been awake since 5am catching up on things I’ve missed while I’ve been sleeping. But no fear, I have a whole list of exciting and not so exciting things I hope to do in the next 6 days before my next shift!
So here are some random things I managed to squeeze into this week (mostly before my night shift!)

Siren Bolly sandals

I’ve been wanting these sandals since they first came out, unfortunately they sold out very fast. I thought they were gone until a random shopping trip found these hidden in the back shelf. These were the last pair in my size! I love the gold plating — they remind me of Wonder Woman!

Federation Square Twig House

My boyfriend was driving me home when we noticed this “Twig house” at Federation Square. Totally beats the traditional twig house in The Three Little Pigs I always imagined. The dome roof makes a nice touch– I wonder who built it? :o)

Doctor Night Shift

We don’t have scheduled tea breaks or anything as doctors; it’s more when you find the time take it! I used to think there was no time and would spend a whole shift not eating, drinking or peeing (and this is common amongst my fellow colleagues)… but you soon learn there will always be no time and you just have to make time! After starving for 8 hours you become a grumpy individual! This was taken around 4am – taking some time to check my emails before heading downstairs again.

Christmas decorations Crown Casino 2012

I love it when Christmas decorations start popping up around town. Even the Emergency Department I work in has tinsel, mini Christmas trees and elf shoes around! On the way to see Skyfall, we passed these giant baubles at Crown Casino atrium.

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend and are rested for the coming week! xx

  1. Anna said:

    The sandals are really pretty!

    And no shifts?! Wow that’s harsh!

  2. tiff said:

    Oh god…your schedule and nocturnal lifestyle (lol) would just kill me, but you don’t seem to mind that’s good to hear at least.

    Those shoes are beautiful! My feet are so ugly they would certainly not look good in those type of shoes, but you rock them very nicely. :)

    A twig house? Whoa. I wonder if there’s twig furniture inside.

    I have a job where I don’t have scheduled breaks either so I tend to take short lunch breaks because there are so many things to do!

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