Things I Love

Things I Love!

I can’t believe it’s December already! I reached out for my phone this morning and lept out of bed when I saw the “1” on my calendar- where did November go? I’ve been stuck in limbo for the last 7 nights as I’ve been on ED (Emergency Department) night shift — you really see a different side of society on those nights… it can be gruelling, but it’s the 6 days off you get after working 7 nights straight which keeps you ploughing through.

So here’s what made me smile this week :o)

My boyfriend – he’s my rock, my support, my best friend! ; planning movie and dinner dates in the early hours of the morning; laughing with the ED resident and registrars between patients; I watched the new Bond movie last night and Bérénice Marlohe (the French actress who plays Sévérine) is the most gorgeous person I’ve ever seen!; the on call Medical Oncology Registrar who thanked me for calling him about a patient, despite calling him at 3 in the morning!; that look exchanged between you and another Doctor or a nurse when you just know the patient is lying or they are just a pain in the butt; McDonald’s breakfast – it’s become staple after night shift; hanging with all the night doctors/on call doctors in Ressies; my new White Suede skirt – it’s the most colourful piece of clothing I own; wearing scrubs; getting SMS’s from friends you’ve known since highschool; my cousin’s new Alaskan Malamute puppy — I can’t wait to play with her!; getting the travel bug again!; seeing Melbourne from another perspective; seeing well-known bloggers show off snaps from their trip to NYC — visiting the same spots and taking almost identical photos as me! Haha; and getting excited about see Perfect Pitch today!

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! xx


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  1. tiff said:

    Omg, I LOVED Perfect Pitch! I ended up watching it because my boyfriend (at the time lol) and I had four hours to kill until we get to see The Book of Mormon musical. So we went to the theaters and Perfect Pitch was the only movie that fit into our schedules. I thought I was going to have a terrible time, but both of us ended up enjoying the movie a lot. I think you’ll enjoy it too!

    Time flies, and seriously, it’s not going to get any slower. If anything, time will keep on going faster the more we age. It’s a scary thing. ><

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