Audrey in “mint” condition

I’ve been a fan of Audrey Kawasaki‘s work for years — and have attended her first Australian show “Overlap” in February 2009 and her first major Australian solo exhibition “Tangled” at the Outre Gallery in November 2010.

Her works are a contradiction. Beautiful graphite and oil-painted females levitating on wood canvases, at first appear innocent, yet on closer inspection there’s a seductive aspect about them. Their eyes peer at you with intensity and sometimes a sense of sadness.

I love the detail and precision which goes into her work. Sometimes ff you look closely along the wood grain you can see the pencil marks.

I hope to one day be a proud owner of one of her paintings, but in the mean time these Audrey Kawasaki limited edition Hint Mint boxes will do :o) Hint Mint have a special Artist series and have collaborated with other artists such as Lola and James Jean. This Audrey trio comes in three flavours: peppermint, pomegranate and chocolate. Being a traditionalist, I prefer the peppermint, but the pomegranate is very nice too!

Newsbreak! For the holiday season they’ve released an Audrey Kawasaki Holiday series with 2 new designs, available in peppermint and cinnamon!

  1. tiff said:

    Audrey Kawasaki is such an amazing artist. I’ve seen her work for many years and still haven’t gotten tired of it yet. I love her painting style. Those mint boxes are lovely! I would try to stick them on my wall hehe.

  2. Daisy said:

    lea its been so long! thanks for visiting my blog again =) i’ve been on blogging hiatuses on and off, i feel like it’s hard to find time to do it properly… reading your blog again inspires me, love your photos as well!

  3. Thao said:

    Those have got to be the most gorgeous mint boxes ever!

  4. Those mint boxes are gorgeous, at first I thought they looked familiar then I remembered my mum has a box, but just the original ones =)

  5. Lorik said:

    Wow those are so beautiful~ I remember that blog post you made of her exhibition that you went to hahaha i’m always reminded of you when I see her work because of that post~

  6. I tried submitting my comment, but there was an error. But I wanted to say that I love using her artwork for my desktop wallpaper. And that it’s really amazing that you actually own something of her work! I would be scare putting the mint boxes in my purse because something may scratch them :(

    nyuu @

  7. Cat said:

    Wow, her art is beautiful! I really like her style – something about those flowy lines and soft shading. I wouldn’t have realized those were mint boxes at first. They’re so pretty looking compared to normal mint boxes :)

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