Things I Love

I love this time of year in Melbourne when Summer is just around the corner. You can’t help but smile and be content with everything around you.

Things I’m lovin’ this week include: reading a book in the park on a Sunday afternoon; finishing The Hunger Games series – I heart Peeta!; simple fine jewellery; being surrounded by amazing individuals at work and outside; Lisa Eldridge – if you haven’t heard of her get on it! Her make-up vids are my favourite- informative, intelligent and sophisticated- she’s a world famous make-up artist who is so gracious and down to earth and passionate about her art; getting excited about movie trailers; Rebel Wilson – an Australian actress/comedian who is making waves in Hollywood – I love her easy going humour;  churros; short shorts; listening to Glee music; seeing Strassman live; Ted E Bare; smiles; home cooked meals; catch-ups with good friends; afternoon naps & brainstorming where I should go for my break next year.. any suggestions?!

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  1. tiff said:

    I had to google “Rebel Wilson” but after seeing dat face, I know who exactly you’re talking about. I first found out about her when I watched Perfect Pitch (yes I watched it). She has a cute lovable chubby face and her humor rocks!

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