Week In Review 181112

After 4 days of re-cooperating after my crazy adventure in New York I was back to work… on Nights… the dreaded Night Shift we doctors, especially Interns… dread. For a week your life is on hold and your existence consists of roaming the hospital corridors between the hours of 8:30 pm to 8:30 am, followed by a quick breakfast-dinner, sleep during daylight hours until 6 pm, breakfast-dinner again and the cycle continues. Your only glimpse of sunlight is around 5am when you see the sun peaking over the horizon as you go to answer another page and the flash of light which sneaks into your bedroom as you hurriedly close your curtains so you can hop into bed at 9 am.

This goes on for 7 nights then you have a 7 day break which usually comprises of adjusting your sleep-wake cycle, catching up on chores which would be impossible to complete during graveyard hours and regaining your life back, then it’s back to the nocturnal lifestyle for another week. Fortunately for me I only have been rostered for this shift for one week then am off to work in ED (which also involves Night shift, but is different).

So the last 4 days have been just that.. catching up on life’s pleasures and chores which I wasn’t able to do while on Night Shift.

Back in March, my Boyfriend and I bought tickets to the Strassman Show for November. Life was very busy during this time so we totally forgot about these tickets until October when my boyfriend received an email. Of course it was a pleasant surprise and a great way to celebrate the end of Night Shift! I’ve been wanting to see Strassman live for a long time! I first saw him on “Hey Hey It’s Saturday!” a family show which dominated TV screens  and was entertainment to family dinners back in the 90s and fell in love with this puppets especially everyone’s favourite: the lovable and innocent Ted E Bare. The Show was hilarious, clever and everything I expected and didn’t expect. I was especially happy to walk away from the show with my own Ted E Bare!

I spent the weekend with my Boyfriend; talking, laughing, joking, shopping, eating and lazing around in the sunshine– the best things in life :o) We finally got to try the Malaysian Restaurant Papa Rich at Chadstone which always is packed with customers and is definitely a place I wouldn’t mind coming back again. We decided to take advantage of our youth and ordered the deep fried chicken skins, haha~

A past time I definitely should do more often, reading a book in the park on a warm Sunday afternoon. A new bookstore caught our eye at Chadstone and we both purchased books we’ve been wanting to read. I rekindled my love for reading during my trip to New York when I was stuck inside during Hurricane Sandy. I spent those 3 days in Long Island, huddled up on the couch reading my cousin’s The Hunger Games books — I got so into it I stayed up late reading the book with a torch and finished the first 2 books within 48 hours. Unfortunately my cousin didn’t have the 3rd book, so I’ve been on edge until purchasing the book yesterday. We spent the remaining hours of Sunday lying on the grass in the park reading our books…

I hope you all have had a wonderful week and a restful weekend! :o)


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