Oh yeah I turned 24!

The excitement of annual leave and NYC made me totally forgot about my birthday! My birthday was on the 20th of October, a day before I jetted off to the United States, hence I was more stressed about packing than celebrating.

The trip to NYC was a Birthday gift to myself and also a celebration of surviving Internship so far! Woot! I didn’t want any gifts because I felt NYC was enough, however my lovely boyfriend gifted me with an iPad & blue tooth keyboard and my aunty and grandparents got me a Birthday cake (Black Forest) before I left. N.B. My Linh is my Vietnamese name :o)

Does anyone have any recommendations for iPad apps? They would be greatly appreciated! :oD

  1. Anna said:

    Happy belated birthday Lea! Oh I didn’t know your name was My Linh! It looks as if it says My Sinh on the cake though haha! Wow! An iPad, you’re lucky! I would download lots of magazines :P

  2. tiff said:

    Happy birthday Leanne!!!

    Wow, your boyfriend got you an ipad? He is a keeper! Lol. That is a delicious looking cake. What flavor might that be?

    I hope you had a blast on your birthday. And enjoy your new ipad :D

  3. Maggie said:

    Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you had a lovely time in NYC! ^_^

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