New York, New York

I apologise for my absence for the last 2 months. If you know me from other internet outlets you probably know that I’ve been very busy with work, side projects and travel! After being cooped up working in a hospital for 10 months I was ready for a whirl-wind adventure, so when my 2 weeks of annual leave came around I hopped on a plane to the other side of the world– to New York City!

It was a dream really.. and I’m so proud that I made it happen. I had my taste of solo travelling the same time last year in Austria and was more than happy to do it again!

I found myself an apartment in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, which was a few blocks away from Central Park. I laughed at the over-the-top nature of Time Square, watched The Lion King on Broadway, perused Sephora many times, ooo-ed at the Designer shoe collection at Saks 5th Avenue, relived my childhood at Schwartz Toystore, climbed The Rock, marvelled at Ms Liberty, ticked off items on my Bucket List while at The Metropolitan Museum and Museum of Modern Art, walked the Brooklyn Bridge, ate hot dogs, enjoyed Halloween festivities in the suburbs on Long Island, was caught in the middle of a hurricane and heaps more!

New York City really is a place of possibilities– I can see why people move there to chase their dreams. I have come back invigorated and motivated! Stay tuned for more related NY posts! :oD

  1. Amanda said:

    Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh you did it! I have yet to go there but how could a musician/photographer/poet/freak like me NOT want to spend my days wandering the famous streets of NYC doing all that you listed and much more?! I am so envious but happy for you that you went and now feel great!!! Please do share more details about your accommodation… it sounds pricey but lovely haha. I actually have free accommo in NYC but just haven’t made it there yet… photos, reviews, everything soon please!!!

  2. Anna said:

    You’re so lucky! I’ve always wanted to travel to NY! You’re very brave to be traveling alone! I’m very glad to hear that everything is well with you and that you’re having a great time!

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