Sneek peak into a month of food

Due to personal reasons and work I’ve been a nomad in the last month so haven’t had the time to blog. I’m currently working in Wangaratta Hospital, which is about 2.5-3 hours from Melbourne. However I’ve managed to sneak back to Melbourne occasionally to enjoy lots of great food in the last 4 weeks, so here is a quick run through! (detailed posts to come!)

(I was without my camera for a while so all these photo are taken from my Iphone)

It was a rainy Melbourne Saturday when the boyfriend and I ran into Cafe Vue for lunch. We couldn’t resist the selections of sweets on display so after our meals we picked some pastries and cakes for the road. My eyes fell on the “French Breast” – not exactly sure how to pronounce this “properly” and it seemed the lady who served us didn’t either. Choux pastry with hazelnut custard – yummm!

Boyfriend surprised me with a date to Takumi, a Japanese restaurant fitted with smokeless grills for cooking delicious Wagyu beef! They also had a great soba salad which I hope to replicate at home! :D

Last night went to Ocha in Hawthorn and this dish from the Specials Menu was definitely our favourite – scampi wrapped in potato, deep fried and accompanied by chilli mayo. I could really go for this right now!

Caught up with a close friend today in the small suburb of Seddon over hot drinks and dishes with beetroot relish. I don’t drink coffee so live on hot chocolate and am always on the look out for the choc-liest! :p


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