Things I Love

Meet Ruby, my friend’s new kitten!

Happy 1st of June!

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these and I definitely should get back on the bandwagon!

This week has been a mixture of emotions as my rotation on Plastic Surgery and Dermatology comes to an end and I prepare myself for my next learning experience. I’ve received a lot of great advice and feedback from colleagues this week and it’s given me a renewed sense of inspiration for the future.

Other things which made me smile, laugh and excited this week:

Positive feedback; having laughs with the Plastics residents; getting free skin care products; sleep-ins; glossy magazine covers; going to work in scrubs – so comfortable!; being present; Gaara’s epic war speech; Inspirational prints; Great Gatsby movie preview is out!; Jason’s new kitten- Ruby- so cute and affectionate; realising that people do notice your work; learning Surgery over pizza and beer; spoiled with hot chocolate; lunching with the Melanoma Registrar and Cancer Care Coordinator; realising that what seemed impossible is possible; sunshine; my maroon coloured Marcs work pants; catching up with friends; funny text messages; heels clopping on the payment; long phone calls with the boyfriend and getting excited about the future! :D

  1. Lolo said:

    AWWWWWW SO CUTE ^________^ I’m totally a dog person, but there is something about kittens….so cute~
    What a happy post!!! Even though I’m late by 18 days – HAPPY FIRST OF JUNE~~~

  2. Awesome, adorable cat! I just want to squish / hug it :) It’s already way past the 1st of June but I hope that it is going well :D

  3. Anna said:

    OMG!! That kitteh is sooooo cute!

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