Week In Review

It’s really difficult keeping a blog when you have a job which takes you away 12-14 hours of your day. I’m currently harbouring a horrible cold which has taken away my voice and I can’t seem to find my camera so all the happy snaps from this week are from my iPhone.

It was Mother’s Day last Sunday and my Aunty held a family dinner to celebrate. We have a family friend who loves making cakes and always whips something up for any occasion.

I love fresh flowers and will always find a reason to buy a bunch for someone. I bought my Mum and my boyfriend’s mother fresh flowers for Mother’s Day. I went to a florist called “The Fresh Flower Man” and I think I was served by the flower man himself! :D Really great service and my flowers were fresh straight out of the refridgerator!

After hearing multiple recommendations from Registrars about Shoya, I thought it was about time I tried out this Japanese restaurant. The boyfriend and I had the degustation menu which was delicious! I particularly love their attention to detail and the presentation was really the highlight of their dishes. The sashimi was our favourite.. they really made what I sometimes believe a rather boring dish (in terms of, it looks and tastes the same everywhere I go) to the next level! It’s an ICE BOWL! Sashimi in an ice bowl… a fish bowl!

Zimmermann Rebellion Lace Dress

I stumbled across a beautiful dress yesterday. My dream dress perhaps? I think it embodies effortless beauty and delicacy. I’m just wondering whether it’s too big for me on the top half– or is that the look? I’ve been Googling images of the dress and it seems to sit loose on the models.. At the same time it is very expensive and I won’t wear it all the time… but I can’t stop thinking about it!

Hope everyone is having a good restful weekend! xo

  1. lovecookieee said:

    Wow, that cake is beautiful and so does that sashimi! I often poo-poo fine dining because I think it’s a bit snooty hahaha but the dishes always look amazing I can’t help but want to go. Also, I think that dress is lovely on you… Even if it’s expensive I say go for it. It’s your dream dress! Sometimes a gal just needs to materialistic lovin’ ;)

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