Week In Review

It’s been a bit of a drama filled week but I am so glad to have such great friends (and boyfriend) around to support me.

Golden Monkey is starting to become a frequent drinks spot for my friends and I. It has consistently served us great drinks and food – you must try the Shanghai Fries! On Thursday night, the place was grooving to soul funk and we were happily churning down punch from a dragon boat.

Brunch has to be one of my favourite dining experiences of the day. I love the option of having breakfast or lunch or both at this time and Melbourne really has a stellar selection of cafes. On Friday I had baked eggs with “green sauce” in Yarraville and on Sunday I had poached eggs with sauteed mushrooms and kipler potatoes in Fitzroy.

I don’t venture down China town as much as I used to so I’m always surprised by new after midnight eating joints my friends take me to after a night of festivities. The Supper Inn is situated upstairs and specialises in Congee and closes at 2am every night.

I also went on a little retail therapy which was a much needed splash of colour and saw “Five Year Anniversary” which wasn’t too bad. I love Jason Segel and Emily Blunt however the movie went for a bit long and there were a number of unnecessary plot lines. Finally got around to visiting the travel agency and picking up brochures on Japan and North America to start planning for my annual break.

Hope everyone has been well. Love you all!


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