New place

I find when I’m stuck or feeling unmotivated to continue a project, a delete and redo with a fresh look always gets me back on track.

This happened recently when I had an audit to present at work and I found that the previous Interns were using the same bland templates. Everyone was using the previous person’s presentation and then editing the name and patients. I got frustrated by the layout that I wiped everything out and created my own. It may take a few extra hours to do the audit but at least I felt better with the cleaner, fresher, more me look.

This goes the same with this blog. I needed a new look and name. Hope you enjoy the new place! :)


  1. Anna said:

    Congrats with new blog! I love the clean and fresh layout!

  2. Lolo said:

    I love it <3 Starting off fresh is a great feeling!!!
    I hope you are well~

  3. Author said:

    Wow, that is quite a move alright! A whole new host and url! But I do know what you mean about having a fresh new look. Half of the time I don’t update my blog is because I’m too upset by my layout that I don’t even want to look at it since I know I don’t have to time to make a new one.

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