My sanity is more important!

It’s been really difficult to post because I have no internet access at my place in Horsham. If I need internet I either use my Iphone or go down to the hospital and use their Wifi.

This past fortnight has been extremely busy and my tolerant nature is breaking down very quickly and I’ve been feeling more agitated. I’m so glad to be back in Melbourne this weekend to rest and recooperate. I think everyone is slowly going mad in Horsham due to work not the actual town itself.

I made it a point to stay out really late with 3 of my favourite people on Friday night after my 4 hour drive from Horsham to Melbourne. Pre-drinks then out on the town for a late supper at 2am, laughing and being stupid. Being responsible and professional all the time is exhausting and it’s great to just talk crap and be “not a doctor.”

I went to see the “How to Train Your Dragon” Arena Spectacular today with my boyfriend and his family which was okay. Would’ve been better with more dragons! The afternoon consisted of gourmet sausages and “haute dogs” from the Snag Stand; playing with a kitten which was rescued by my boyfriend’s Vet cousin; Naruto Shippuuden and eating dinner with my parents.

Sunday is another full day with plans of boxing, Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, shopping and possibly a much needed haircut!

It’s a long weekend and having swapped my public holiday shift with someone else, I am planning to use this opportunity to do as much as I can before diving into work again. My sanity is more important than money!

  1. Lolo said:

    First off. Thank you so much for the wonderful christmas card. It came at a time when I was feeling very sad and it made me so happy. Thank you thank you <3 <3 <3

    Awwww How to Train Your Dragon~ I love Toothless~

    You are right…it's good to be working and pushing forward, but not on the expense of your own health and happiness. Take care of yourself and be happy! Everything else will come to you~

  2. Lissy said:

    definitely, sanity is more important :) That’s why I didn’t go to graduate school, lol. Glad you got a nice break :)

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