Week run-through

I apologise for the lack of posts. It’s been difficult doing anything besides working and sleeping these past few weeks. With school holidays over, things are getting busier at the hospital, with more patients and surgeries.

These last 2 weeks have been tough with the changeover of Registrars and increase in patient numbers. There’s more secretarial duties, pagers going off and sicker patients… but I’ve learnt that I really have a great support system around me and have been so appreciative of the help and support my fellow interns and registrars offer.

I’ve come to really love the Australian landscape. There’s no where in the world like it and being in Medicine has allowed me to travel around this beautiful country.

One of the things you must do when you are doing a rotation in Horsham is to dine at the Royal Mail in Dunkeld. A 3 hat restaurant, 1 and a half hours from Horsham. A hoity-toity service and degustation menu- worth the experience but not sure about the expensiveness and long trecherous drive along unsealed roads dodging kangaroos.

The weekend before Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend came down to visit and gave me this new Pantone book with an attempt to create multi-coloured roses.

I’m so glad to be back in Melbourne this weekend. Was anticipating a crazy weekend, but am happy for it to be quiet and restful. Have a lovely weekend!

  1. Amanda said:

    It sounds like everything is going splendidly for you, yay! It’s good to see that you’re not letting the stresses and patients all take a toll on you, rather you’re being positive and making use of that support system :)
    Ah oh, i always forget that i mustn’t visit your blog in the middle of the night when i’m hungry!!

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