New Doctor

Two weeks into being a new doctor, it’s been tough, there have been tears, feelings of exhaustion and constant doubt “did I do the right thing?” You’re caught between knowledge from Med school and textbooks and the real world, nurses harassing you to do what they think is correct and consultants who are stuck in their own ways.

Working 6 out of 7 days, 9-12.5 hours forgetting to drink, eat or go to the toilet, juggling pagers and being expected to make the “right” decisions by your patient, registrar, consultant and nurses!

You’re constantly trying to find the right rhythm and learn how to prioritise correctly. Figuring out what is “urgent” and what appears to be. There’s a lot of paper work, writing, checking and communicating and you’re suppose to do that while being “present” at a clinic.

Nothing really prepares you for the real world. No matter how many years of Med school a person endures, the only way to learn is to be thrown into the deep end and ask heaps of questions. Don’t take things personally, everyone is learning and the most important person is the patient.

  1. Jason said:

    Hang in there Dr. Hoang! Just know that I hope to aspire to your standard and walk in ur footsteps to RMH – except GIMME VAG ED :D cant wait to see you this weekend!

  2. Lissy said:

    all the reasons why I never considered being a doctor in one post :D

    I’m sure you’ll be great though. Everything new requires an adjustment period.

  3. Tara said:

    Leanne, I emailed you at your Monash email. Please check it.

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