Auction Rooms

Today is Australia Day which is a public holiday however I’ve been fostered to work from 8 til 5pm. On a lunch break so thought I’d post this entry I never got around to post. Happy Australia Day!

My boyfriend and I have been wanting to visit this joint since it’s conception in 2008. Named after for its previous use, Auction Rooms is a lovely old blue paint chipped building revamped with large windows, PVC pipe lights and random woodwork.

Situated in the suburb of North Melbourne, it’s popular for locals and those who just want to get away from the city for breakfast and lunch or in between.

I hear it’s an ideal spot for coffee lovers, unfortunately I don’t drink coffee so I had the hot chocolate. A little on the bitter side, but I do prefer my hot chocolates to be extremely milk chocolatey like the ones at San Churro’s and Lindt Cafe.

I was hoping to have the french toast but it was no longer on the menu so I had sourdough bread with 2 poached eggs served with tomato relish and home-made chorizo. Chorizo was goooood!

Boyfriend had the Ploughman’s sandwich which was surprisingly filling.

Food was pretty good but the venue and location were really the kicker for this place.

Auction Rooms on Urbanspoon

  1. tiff said:

    OH my god, the picture right below the coffee looks AMAZING.

    Where can I find that in Southern California? lol

  2. Maggie said:

    I LOVE the cafes in Melbourne! How come you dong drink coffee? You’re missing out :)

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