White Rabbit Record Bar

Combine a love for records and decent lunch in the setting of suburbia and you have “White Rabbit Record Bar,” a record store slash restaurant nuzzled in the quiet funky suburb of Kensington. They have a lunch menu and a special brunch menu and we were lucky to make it in time for brunch.

The homey comfy surroundings.

My dish was a Mexican inspired vegetarian dish with beans, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, salsa on top of a wrap. Cannot recall boyfriend’s dish name but it was an omlette.

The place has a very laid back atmosphere and staff. When we first walked in there was no one behind the counter, we had to walk further inside to find someone and we were pretty much alone as we ate.

A relaxing place for brunch.. actually the whole street next to the train station is lovely if you prefer quiet than bustling.

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  1. Mei said:

    Based on the photos, that bar really look like a good place to go. The ambiance feels comfortable. If only I could have the chance to go there, I would.

  2. abby said:

    oh this looks so cool. we have a white rabbit restaurant here too. although it’s not a chill atmosphere like this it’s just a tiny restaurant that serves filipino food with mexican fusion.

  3. Ana said:

    Wow, that place looks really cozy! I would love to go and just chill there with my friends. And the food looks great too! Very relaxing place indeed!

  4. Anna said:

    Wow, looks very cozy!

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