Anything is Possible

For 2012 I’ve decided to jot down a “Dream List” – a list of goals, dreams (however small or far-fetched). The list is still in progress and from that list I’m going to narrow it down for 2012. It is quite interesting as I write this personal list to see how tentative I am when I want to write something I think I cannot achieve and then I realise it’s these thoughts which prevent me from moving forward.

I want to do much more with this blog! I want this blog into more like a magazine which teaches others! I love teaching and it makes me sad that I won’t do it as much this year due to Intern commitments. I want to use my status as a young female recently graduated from Med school to help others and to inspire people to look after themselves and that we can do anything if we put our mind into it! We’re not just a single label, like “Doctor”, “Accountant”, “Architect”, “Stay at home Mum”, “Graphic designer”, etc. we’re more than that… By writing this I want to imprint in my mind that I can do this and it’s possible!

This is going to be a crazy year and I know there will be obstacles, but we’ll get through them (we always do)… anything is possible!

  1. Hey Lea =) Looking forward to your new blog style! It’s always nice reading from you and you already inspired me with your words!

  2. Jason said:

    “kokosnuss skin care for the pregnant”

  3. Thao said:

    How exciting! And I definitely agree that people are not limited to just one title.

  4. abby said:

    You’re so inspirational! I bet you’re going to be an amazing Dr. Good luck to your year and I do really hope it’s full of more amazing moments and memories. :)

  5. Ela said:

    We’re not just a single label, like “Doctor”, “Accountant”, “Architect”, “Stay at home Mum”, “Graphic designer”

    I really like what you said here. A lot of people define themselves by what they do or what they’ve accomplished. It’s nice to see that not everyone buys into that whole name-suffix bull. :)

  6. Maggie said:

    Good luck on your project! I want to do something similar as well! Have a magazine style blog with helpful hints and articles~ =]

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