Week run-through

This week has been about last minute Christmas shopping, lazy Summer days, finishing chores, celebrating with friends who are graduating, still getting used to having the title Dr., paperwork, eating great steak, karaoke-ing til 4 in the morning and movie marathons!

Last week I organised a lunch at Izakaya Den with my close friends to celebrate my Graduation. Two of my friends bought me cupcakes– this one is passionfruit flowered.

I don’t live in the most clean or sophisticated area in Melbourne however it is home to the Top 5 steaks in Melbourne! Honestly, I have no clue when it comes to steak but the boys love the place! However I do have more knowledge when it comes to fries and potato wedges, and these are the best I’ve had! Handcut and fried with the perfect crunch!

My sister’s boyfriend bought the family a Christmas cake which was really too cute to eat. Mango flavour with Pucca’s face (which symbolises my sister, haha).

We have a family friend who bakes cakes and has come up with incredible creations for my grandmother and sister’s birthdays. For Christmas she made us a Christmas log (which Mum tells me is custom in Vietnam) with a cute Christmas tree, flowers and chubby Santa- all hand-iced, no ready-made sugary decorations here!

Have a lovely Christmas weekend!

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  1. wow! Those Christmas sweets look so awesome! And you’re right about the Pucca cake, it’s too cute to be eaten! The strawberries look so delicious =) You’re lucky to live in the area with the best steaks =) I love steaks!! hrhr

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