Monash Medicine Class of 2011 Yearbook

I wanted to be involved in my graduation and make it as close to perfect as I can so what better way than be on the Graduation Committee?! If I wasn’t doing Medicine I would be an artist or designer (travelling the world), so when the Graduation Yearbook Editor job was up, I instantly applied. As it was a two person job, my friend Melissa, who is from the Post-Graduate campus, also applied with me.

In previous years, the Yearbooks had been thin soft covered magazines with generic layouts, Mel and I wanted the Yearbook to look modern and chic. Initially we wanted to design and create it ourselves then send it off to a printing company, however time wasn’t on our side. As a compromise we designed some parts and the Yearbook company, Rockstar Memoirs did some designing too based on our suggestions.

We wanted the cover to be elegant but modern and the interior to look like a fashion or art magazine with heaps of photos and typography, with emphasis on the typography! The cover is a black leather hardcover with gold embossing. Unfortunately we could not include the Monash University Logo because of political reasons, which was a pity.

Mel included an inspirational quote from one of the famous Doctors, Doctor Seuss on the “From the Editors” page.
It reads: “You have brains in your head, You have feet in your shoes, You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You’re on your own, And you know what you know, You are the guy who’ll decide where to go.”

I did a quick survey on what Medical students wanted to be if they hadn’t gone down the Doctor path, some of the responses were hilarious!

I designed the divider pages and the profile pages. It was a huge hassle getting everyone to send in their photos and profiles in time, but we managed in the end!

Photo collages grouped into “Pre-Clinical Years”, “Clinical Years” and “Social.”

Mel and I were in Europe (separate trips) as the printing deadline was approaching. Extremely stressful when we were both relying on free wi-fi at hostels and hotels across Europe, but thanks to the girls in the Graduation Committee for being so helpful and giving us an extra hand and to Rockstar Memoirs for being so patient and trying to incorporate all our ideas and designs.

  1. Lorik said:

    The result looks fantastic~ Good job you guys ^_____^

  2. M said:

    nice! wow a well designed year book too
    congrats again

  3. wow! it looks fantastic! I like the idea very much and it turned out great =) congrats again!

  4. Lissy said:

    impressive! if we had a yearbook like that, maybe I would have spent the $100 for it. that’s a pretty great keepsake.

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