From Medical student to Doctor

After 5 years, this is what I’ve been waiting for…

The next chapter begins…

  1. abby said:

    congratulations hun. seriously your family and friends must be so proud of you. :)

  2. Congratulations! being a doctor is such hard work, why did you chose thsi? sorry I’m quite curious :P

  3. Lolo said:

    GOOD JOB LEANNE ^_______________^ <3

  4. tiff said:

    Congratulations Leanne! FIVE LONG YEARS…and you did it! Lovely pictures by the way, you look so happy. :D

  5. winn said:

    Leanne! I’ve been so busy but whoa, I love all your photos, nice to know you’ve been up to so much.
    Congratulations on your graduation, you’ve worked so hard through the years and it feels like just not a long time ago when you were saying you just started med!! I’m sure you will continue to be successful in everything you do, stay well and I hope for an exciting year for you next year! XD

  6. M said:


  7. Mei said:

    wow congratulations! I know you are so happy. you deserve it :)

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