This week has been crazy so I haven’t had the chance to blog until today, however all my photos from the last 7 days are on my camera which is at my friend’s house at the moment. But to get your tastebuds excited here is a mini review on my recent dinner at Coda with my friends. Enjoy! :)

Partially hidden underground on Flinders Lane, Coda is a bar/restaurant with a menu which screams to me Vietnamese and French fusion. I admit at first I was skeptical because I generally avoid Vietnamese restaurants because my Mum cooks the stuff, but this place surprised me with the clever flavour combinations and making me a lover of certain foods I disliked.

It’s a tapas joint, and between my friend and I we enjoyed 3 small dishes and a large one, then as another friend of ours joined us we had 2 desserts.

Spanner crab with roast chilli wrapped in lime betel leaf

“Blackened” quail with salad

Steak tartare and quail egg

Roasted yellow duck curry

Raspberry souffle served with coconut cigar and sorbet

“Sweet Special” – Banana fritters with salted pistachios, palm sugar caramel and taro, served with real pandan ice-cream– delicious!!

All photos courtesy of Syahir.

Coda on Urbanspoon

  1. M said:

    im hungrrrry

  2. Lolo said:

    Raspberry souffle looks so cute~
    How was the quail egg? ‘Lor’ (lorik = baby quail) means Quail in Armenian so I never eat anything quail hahahahaha~!!!!

  3. oh my, the food looks truly delicious! I just found your blog =) The pictures you take are amazing!

  4. jayne said:

    Oh, you eat at the most amazing places!

    I do love tapas – but i always find them pretty exxy as well!

  5. abby said:

    you always have the best food pictures.

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