Week run-through

Photo courtesy of Syahir

This week has been a last minute scramble to find a gown for the Graduation Ball. For those who know me I’m a perfectionist and whenever I shop for anything I generally have an image in mind and will only go after that image (despite cost and frustration) or will settle if I’m forced to and will be grumbling for a few days. :p Four shopping days later, I have found my image dress! :D It just needs to be altered a little bit but I’m so excited to wear it, however right now I just need to get rid of this cold!

But this week wasn’t all about finding my dress, it was also about Sherlock Holmes BBC series, underground tapas bars, Alien photos, filling out employment forms (yuck!), checking out a hot Italian man working in a Jap cafe and perusing an Australian designer’s market and wanting to buy everything!

Markit is a design market featuring Australian designers and artists selling their wares. It was so much fun and I really had to stop myself from wanting to buy everything in sight! My friend brought a cloth with a fat cat on it with the words “I love you just the way I am.” Hehe.

Outside the market were rows of vintage Mini Coopers with their drivers dressed in old fashion clothing… don’t know what the reason for this was but it was a great photo op. :D This was my fav mini from the lot!

When I was in Austria I missed Asian food a lot so I was craving Japanese and Chinese food all week!

With the hype and the great reviews it’s been getting, my boyfriend and I decided to see the Tutankhamun exhibition at Melbourne Museum. It is really amazing to think that these vases, jewellery boxes, shields, necklaces were used by people more than 5000 years ago… It’s difficult to even imagine people living here 50 years ago let alone 5000 years! You can’t help but wonder what life would’ve been like, what King Tut was thinking or doing as he sat in his ivory chair or the terror he must’ve felt when he was named King at the age of 9. It’s really amazing!

After a day of shopping and lazing around on stone benches watching clouds pass us by, my friend took me to a tapas restaurant/bar called Coda, tucked partially underground. I absolutely loved it! Partially skeptically when I heard the food was Vietnamese fusion because I eat Viet food at home all the time, but it did not disappoint! For a person who is not a fan of Asian desserts this dish was the best of the night! Banana fritters with salted pistachios and palm sugar caramel, served with REAL pandan ice-cream! I will post more about this place soon :)

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! xx

  1. Lolo said:

    I can’t wait to see your dress!!!! Make sure you take lots of photos~
    The mini cooper looks so cute…especially the front lights~
    I’m glad you are doing a bunch of different things right now! I’m happy you’re done with school!

  2. M said:

    nice, sounds like a buys and fun week
    congrats on graduating

  3. Akiko said:

    Sounds like you had great buy! Love to see your new dress :) Sushi look so yummy too..! – akiko
    Style Imported

  4. Lissy said:

    you get to go to a graduation BALL? Banana fritters? I’m so jealous.

  5. abby said:

    How awesome. I’d love to go to a mummy museum or exhibit. It looks absolutely interesting!

    I’ve never been to any type of ball in my life.

  6. tiff said:

    WOOHOOO! I’m curious to see what the dress, you speak of, looks like.

    I don’t think we have “design markets” around here, though it does sound so wonderful!

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