Week run-through

I’ve decided to start “Week run-through” to bring everything I’ve done or seen during the week together in one post. Bascially clean up the little bits and pieces with some previews of upcoming blog posts.

This was my first week of official holidays which have definitely been long overdue. Last time I had a proper rest was at the start of this year! The photo above is from a series of photos that my friend took of jumping Medical students, which he has titled “Teenage Mutant Ninja Doctors.”

When someone says good “Chinese food” I think of a dindgey restaurants with mediocre customer service but with good food! :D My boyfriend wanted to change this thought and took me to Silks restaurant at Crown Casino. Unfortunately I still hold the same opinion. The restaurant was decadent and extremely extravagant! I admit the Peking Duck was delicious however too pricey!

I went window shopping on Chapel Street and stumbled across this new furniture shop called Matt Blatt. It has replicas of the infamous Kartell clear chairs and this cool Eero Aarnio ball chair!

Crown Casino’s Christmas decorations and light show is up!

Have a good weekend everyone! xx

  1. jayne said:

    Oh my, I love the idea of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Doctors” – that shot is just adorable! :D

    I can’t get into the idea of eating “classy” Chinese food because I’ve come accustomed to aligning it with cheap (and delicious)! Bring me to a classy Asian joint and I’ll be like: Okay, where’s the steak?

  2. Lolo said:

    hahaha~ the photo of you is awesome ^___________^
    We have a lot of “Americanized” Chinese restaurants around here and in the Chinatown we have in Downtown LA but we don’t like them very much because they aren’t authentic…BUT we recently found out that Monterey Park which is like…40 minutes away from us, is called the “real” Chinatown! One of my dad’s patients is Chinese and he told us to go there and OMGOMGOMG they have amazing food~

  3. Lissy said:

    that’s a pretty awesome picture :D

    I’m a big fan of PF Changs. That’s probably the only slightly upscale Chinese restaurant I know, but it’s good stuff

  4. Anna said:

    Love the picture of you! Is it summer over there? It’s sooo cold here. Looking forward to your weekly posts!

  5. Michelle said:

    Funny enough, I think the same about Chinese restaurants. I mean, I’ve been too a few fancy – and pricey – places but that original thought will always be imprinted in my brain.

    Love the photo of you :)

  6. abby said:

    it’s hard to find a good authentic restaurant. it sucks because i love chinese food, but most places I go too a lot of their meals are americanized and extremely oily. loving that first photo of you. and that chair my boyfriend would love it!

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