Paco’s Tacos

Mexican restaurants are sprouting around Melbourne like daisies! When I heard that the minds behind Movida Aqui, a Spanish restaurant which impressed my boyfriend and I, were part of this I had to see!

Paco’s Tacos is a bar situated in the open air above the rooftops of the smaller buildings in Melbourne. I love the typography on the menu board and the cute drawings of cocktail glasses and sangria jugs. Despite being raised above the ground you feel very safe and secure behind the shrubbery while busy Melbourne whizzed by.

The selection of tacos ranged from pork, beef, fish and prawns which made it difficult to choose! My friends and I enjoyed all our tacos however were disappointed by the size we got for $6. We also ordered the deep fried pork crackling with salsa, which was delicious but made you feel like your arteries were being clogged up as you ate. The sangria was one of the best I’ve had and my friend was very happy with his cocktail. My boyfriend had the Mexican soft drink Jarritos and has tried 3 other flavours since! Guava is still his favourite.

Pacos Tacos on Urbanspoon

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  1. Maggie said:

    Thanks, I’m hungry now :|

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