3 Cities in 7 Days: Munich

When my friends in Graz, Austria heard that I had the week off and was intending to visit Salzburg first, they suggested I should visit Munich, Germany too – since it was only 2 hours away by train from the little Mozart town.

Honestly I knew nothing about Munich- other than it being the place for Oktoberfest.

So it was a surprise when I found myself falling in love with the ‘city of beer and sausages’ and decided to stay an extra night there having already stayed for two. My diet mainly consisted of beer and sausages and I dined at the 2 famous beer halls twice, each!

Besides the culinary delights, I saw men surfing on a river, found my favourite building in the whole wide world (so far), visited the famous science museum, ooohed and ahhed over Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ and saw a real life fantasy castle!

My favourite building in the world so far! City Town Hall on Marienplatz is a Gothic spectacular; my photo does not do it justice!

Inside the Town Hall courtyard

I felt like time had stand still in the architecture – it was like the Romans were still here.

Germans love the beach, unfortunately their geography does not allow them a decent coastline, so they make do with rivers, lakes and parks as their beaches :) Apparently there’s a nude “beach” near here.

The largest underground shopping centre in the world situated under Karlsplatz! Munich is pretty much shopping mecca – I remember walking down one street seeing like 4 H&Ms and 4 Zaras and 2 Pradas!

Sausages and sauerkraut — the Austrians and Germans love this sauerkraut stuff- I’m not too sure if I’m a fan :p

“Woolen” sausages and potato salad with half a litre of beer at the famous beer hall, Hofbrauhaus. This was the first time I dined by myself! Can you believe it! — I choose a beer hall to dine solo?! I was crazy!

Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” at Neue Pinakothek museum; a piece he did in the “happier” part of his life. The museum also had works by Gauguin, Cezanne and Monet! Munich had many museums to choose from, I visited the Neue Pinakothek for the list of artists I mentioned and Deutches Museum which is a famous science museum – for curiosity sake :p

Castles in next post… ;)

  1. Maggie said:

    Yum, I love sauerkraut, you can get them in local vegetable market. That guy surfing in the river looks sick!

  2. Katy said:

    The surfing and the giant mall looks awesome! My friend went to Germany once and she absolutely fell in love with it.. she goes back there A LOT now.

  3. Brigitte said:

    I am loving your blog! It’s so great you’re traveling alone and enjoying it. That’s quite daunting. Good luck with your medical residency and suddenly in Austria! Though I’ve never been I can only imagine it’s a beautiful place. I’m going to Berlin in about a month and I can’t wait! Traveling really is such a cool thing. I’m also looking forward to the food, heehee.

  4. M said:

    argh europe!
    i definitely need to go soooon!!!

  5. Lissy said:

    the only food I don’t like is genman food. sausage, bleh! the rest looks nice though :)

  6. Jen said:

    These photos are awesome and makes me want to travel so badly!!

    Dang, river surfing looks so cool.

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