3 Cities in 7 Days: Salzburg

I did not want to waste my opportunity to travel while in Europe, so the moment I was allowed a week off from Medical student duties I was on the train. First stop: Salzburg.

Of course I was freaking out- once again I had put myself in the position of “lonely traveller” and was pretty much anxious for the whole 4 hour train ride until I arrived at the hostel and made it to my first tour on time. :)

When I think of Salzburg – I think “Mozart” and “The Sound of Music”. The city is very proud of its local celebrity, Mozart and you can see his influence in the form of chocolates, store names, tours, concerts, dinners, etc. However it’s done quite elegantly and not over the top. Funnily enough, no normal Austrian has seen “The Sound of Music”- it’s a very touristy thing.

I spent 2 nights and 2 and a half days in the peaceful ideallic town of Salzburg. During that time I hiked and freezed my butt off in the largest Ice Caves in the world (who knew?!), visited Mozart’s childhood home and concerts halls he performed in, strolled through palaces, explored the only fully preserved fortress in the world, got my hands on the original Mozartkugel and pranced around in a few “Sound of Music” film sites.

Hike to the world’s largest Ice Caves

The views during the hike were breathtaking!

After a hike up and back and withstanding freezing point temperatures in the caves, a little rest at a small lodge for Frittaten Suppe (Pancake soup) – an Austrian delicacy! :p

The beautiful perfectly manicured Mirabell Gardens

Festung Holhensalzburg towers over the city. It’s the largest and well- preserved Medieval fortress/castle in Europe with beautiful views of the city from every angle.

Hellbrunn Trick Fountains. The fountains were amusing and appeared from unlikely places such as deer heads and walkways. There were cute water features which were all powered by water.

Finally found the original store where Mozartkugel was created! I have never tried Mozartkugel but it was worth the find! The original Mozartkugel is handmade and wrapped in silver foil with a blue Mozart profile logo and only found in 3 cafes in Salzburg. The ones you see everywhere – red packaging with Mozart’s face – is the commercial version.

Mozart’s childhood home, his family lived on the 3rd floor of this apartment. Inside is a museum featuring portraits, Mozart’s childhood violin, letters, books and pieces of music and even locks of his hair!

“I am sixteen going on seventeen…” :)

Wandering through the Residenz palace, where the Prince Bishops used to stay.

Salzburg is a lovely city and is definitely walkable. I purchased a “24 hour Salzburg card” which allows free transport and free admission to most tourist attractions, which was definitely worth it! I think 2 and a half days is enough to see most of the city; some people say 1 day is enough– however if you like to explore like me, I think staying 2 nights is better :)

One thing which I would’ve liked to do but couldn’t, is to attend the Mozart Dinner concerts, maybe next time?! :)

  1. Minna said:

    Did you skip across green alpine fields and sing about your favourite things?! I sure hope you got to do that.

    I have never heard of that soup! I know they are very fond of putting (can’t remember word for it here, but made out of flour basicly that soaks up the soup and that we call klimp) in their soup though. My mom hates it and I love it :-D

    I really thought you were staying longer, but boo for last weekend in Austria :( Are you travelling anything in Europe while there?

  2. M said:

    i really like the way that you are traveling
    im not a sassy traveler
    i do not know if i can handle hostels
    because ive seen some of our hostels and they are not handleable so idk about europe?! haha

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