My 3rd week in Austria

This week was a busy week with hospital work in the day and dinners and drinks at night. In between collecting blood, putting in IVs and doing patient admissions; there were orchestra performances, dining at typical Styrian restaurants, celebrating my 23rd year on this Earth, strolling in palace gardens, sneaking around old palaces and opening closed doors to find grand ballrooms, admiring Medieval art, decorated hot chocolates,  sipping Sturm and munching on roasted chestnuts.

When Anna invited me to see the Belgium orchestra on Monday night I couldn’t refuse. Having played violin and piano for most of my life, studied music theory and music performance and led highschool orchestras, I had never seen a live professional orchestra! Also it’s very “old European” don’t you think? The verdict… I loved it! Classical music sounds so much better live than on CD or radio! It’s mesmerising and before you know it you’re riding on Wagner’s or Liszt’s melody. Definitely a classy atmosphere where most of the patrons are older Austrians dorned in their finest- everyone knows everybody and most have occupied the same seat for decades!

I woke up Tuesday morning, not in the mood to go to the hospital so I spent the day exploring the Eggenberg palace and gardens.

It was quiet and peaceful and I was able to play around with the camera undisturbed. 

The palace is built based on the calendar. Four towers for the seasons, 365 windows (the 366th window is in the Chapel), 31 rooms on each floor for the months, 24 state rooms for the hours in a day and when you walk by the 12th state room and look on one side the doors and furniture are white to represent day and the other side they are brown to represent night. Of course, nothing says royalty with peacocks strutting around the palace grounds!

It’s difficult taking photos of yourself when you’re travelling alone. By the end of the day I started to get the hang of it :p

Birthday dinner with 3 lovely girls I have met during my travels. I can’t remember the name of this typical Austrian dish but it had gorgonzola cheese and pork!

I went to see the Palace Atems last weekend however it looked close. However the curiosity got the better of me when I found that not all the doors were locked. So glad I gave into my sense of adventure. Behind every door there was a magnificent surprise!

This weekend has been a quiet one. I definitely needed the rest, however I’ve been stressing out as I’ve been able to get the week off and travel. So I’ve been frantically on the internet, booking hostels, tours, looking up sights and rushing to the train station to get a concession card and tickets.

Tomorrow by noon I’ll be in the beautiful city of Salzburg!

  1. Lolo said:

    Everything looks amazing~ I’m glad you got to go to a good concert!!!
    Take care of yourself and have fun fun!!~

  2. M said:

    looks like an amazing time
    i want to visit austria too!

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