Life Update

A lot of new adventures and projects are starting up and it’s difficult to find the time to sit and blog. Hopefully that will be sorted this Summer when I plan to revamp this site. :) I’ve been on my Aged Care rotation at Caufield Hospital for the past 5 weeks and it has had its busy and not-so busy days.

The yearbook is coming along slowly, with an unenthusiastic year level it has been extremely difficult to get things moving. However it’s fun to be using Photoshop again and getting my creative side psyched up. I’ve received my intern roster for next year, which I’m pretty happy about. I get a 2 week holiday around my birthday and I have the Plastics rotation which I have been keen about.

Hidden Entrance

Other than that, I’m still finding more and more amazing places to eat in Melbourne. From French creperies which play Eurotrance music to underground Japanese bars with hidden entrances.

Austria is becoming more and more real as I’ll be flying out Friday next week! The lady who liasing with at the Medical University of Graz sent out an email asking students who were interested in being my “buddy” during my elective. Initially there were 2 responses, then another 2 more in the last 2 days. Gahh I’m so excited! :D

I’m also about to start blogging for a European fashion blog, giving my impression on the fashion scene down under and the places you should visit if you ever decide to drop by beautiful Melbourne.

Hope everyone has been happy and well! ♥ 

  1. Lolo said:

    YAYYYYY~ So many awesome things are happening~ I hope you make lots of friends in Austria! Show us photos!!!!~
    hmmmmmmm~ ^_____________^

  2. Minna said:

    Wuup, love when life just speeds on like that! Seems like you’re on a roll. And best of luck with everything to you, auf wiedersehen!

  3. Amanda said:

    Link us when you start blogging for that European site! It’ll be exciting to read. Plus, I’d still really really like to visit Melbourne someday, so it will come in handy, haha. And gosh you must be so excited about it all! It’s always nice to visit your blog because whenever you update the updates are so exciting and lively :)

  4. Lissy said:

    exciting stuff! Enjoy Austria!

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