Doctor, Intern 2012

I know this is a bit delayed… but….

You’re looking at the newest recruit of a Melbourne metropolitan hospital, newest intern for 2012. :) Who knew I’ll start my “doctor” career at the busiest and one of the most influential hospitals in Australia! With a competitive and straining application process who knew they’d want me! I’m still shocked but proud. At the group interview, everyone was saying things like “I’ve done research in [insert well known institution] and have travelled to [3rd world country] to help people,” whereas I just told them how much I love working with people, teaching and getting my hands dirty in art and design. Also my University is not associated with this hospital so I thought my chances wouldn’t be as high either!

My contract has arrived and I recently put it my roster preferences. I’m excited, happy, scared and eager for new faces, places and challenges! :D

  1. Lolo said:

    Congratulations Leanne ^________^
    I’m very happy for you and proud~
    You will do great!

  2. f said:

    Wow, that’s amazing! Congratulations :D

  3. Thao said:

    CONGRATS!!!! I’m sure they saw your sincerity and brilliance and loved it!

  4. My Linh said:

    You are the BEST! Congratulations, that sounds amazing! You have every right to be superproud of yourself! :D

  5. Amanda said:

    Congrats Congrats Congrats!!! :D It’s times like these that make me believe again that sometimes, when “everyone is amazing”, it just takes a good personality and passion to get into something, rather than a ridiiiculous cv! :)

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