Lux Bite

I never understood the big fad with macarons. Sure they are cute and colourful… but they are too sweet! I thought I had made my decision on them until I discovered Lux Bite. Originally I came to this little place to buy gifts for the registrars on my Maxillofacial surgery rotation and since then they’ve been my go to “macaron gift” place. Lux Bite is situated on snazzy Toorak road and is created by two lovely Malaysian pastry chefs who have loads of experience in the business, having worked in the well-known Sydney and Melbournian restaurants Quay and Rockpool respectively.

They have a website and facebook page which is constantly updated. I posted a question on their facebook page and it was answered within an hour! The store is very sweet with quotes about dessert on the walls and windows and their selection is colourful, unique and tasty. My boyfriend and I enjoy their Kaya toast Macaron the most, it reminds us of an Anzac biscuit.

Their menu is constantly changing with new delightful inventions and it’s all at a resonable price! That reminds me I need to go buy presents for the doctors on this rotation soon…

  1. Lissy said:

    you have the best food pictures.
    I always find macaroons too sweet as well … do they ship here? lol

  2. Jen said:

    I always see cute colored and decorated macaroons but didn’t get the hype either. I guess I have to try one soon. I LOVE my sweets so nothing can be “too sweet” for me.

  3. Kim said:

    I have never tasted a macaron before. Now I’m hungry looking at those pictures. lol

  4. Amanda said:

    Hmmm yeah me too, I’d always thought “what the heck is the big deal about macarons” but then my friend started making amazing ones and I fell in love. Ohhh sweetness…

  5. Lolo said:

    I’ve always thought they looked cute~ But I’ve never tried one. I hadn’t seen macarons over here before, but then I went to Little Tokyo a few weeks ago and they had a store dedicated only to macarons! The store was cute too~

    I hope you are well~

  6. My Linh said:

    I actually have tried macarons for the first time here in Seoul because my friend bought me some, haha. I thought they were delicious but expensive.

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