Dr Sketchy ft. Sylvia Ji

At the end of June I had the exciting opportunity to be part of a Dr Sketchy first time event! Sylvia Ji is an American artist and for her debut exhibition in Australia, she presented “Dia de los Muertos” at the contemporary Outre Gallery in Melbourne. In celebration of her Australian Debut, Dr Sketchy and Outre Gallery combined forces to create a two hour sketching feast featuring Camilla and Vesper posing as women found in Sylvia Ji’s works.

It was a fun and creative night! We were divided between the models and sat  on cushions around them. The models were absolutely gorgeous. My sketchbook perched on my lap and my pencils held at the ready; it was a great feeling to be sketching again!

As a surprise, Sylvia also came around to check out the scene!

Addit: These are not my drawings! They are Sylvia’s paintings :)

  1. M said:

    wow ur drawings are amazing

  2. Lissy said:

    that sounds pretty cool! Are those your drawings or the artists, cause, um, wow

  3. Lolo said:

    The models look so awesome!! I think we might have a Dr Sketchy over here too…someone was telling me about it and I thought of you!!

  4. My Linh said:

    Wow, that looks like it has been an exciting exhibition. I would have loved to see your sketches! ;)

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