What’s new?!

My Emergency Rotation and intern application process is over so now I have “some” time to blog! I enjoyed my emergency rotation however I’m glad it’s over because it was very tiring. I think I pushed myself too much along with the intern applications. I’m still recovering! I’m now doing Rheumatology/Immunology at MMC. Anyway, lots of things have been happening in the last 6 or more weeks!

1. Bob hair cut!

Things being so busy, I was too lazy to trim my hair and keep it cropped. Over time I developed a disgusting mullet which I disguised by pinning my hair up into a ponytail. With intern interviews looming, I decided to get the hair chopped and am now sporting a bob hair do. Not a big fan of bobs (think they make my face look fat) but the hairdresser at Rokk Ebony did a good job :) I think I want to grow my hair out now.

2. Graduation Yearbook co-editor and advert designer

I am sooo excited about this! Mel and I are in the process of creating the best yearbook to hit Monash Medical graduates. We were in Sale last year for 4th year, so it will be a psynch to work together. I’ve also been designing little “business cards” advertising the graduation events which I leaped at the chance to do :) Everything is so exciting — we have a great Graduation Committee and the venues we have booked are gorgeous!

3. I’m going to Austria!!!

I’ve been running around like a headless chicken these past few months trying to organise a Medical elective. I had originally been accepted by an International hospital in Japan, however with recent events I had to change my destination. Frantic emails to every hospital/university across the globe I finally landed a spot at the Medical University of Graz in Austria. I’ll be attached to the Internal Medicine department and will be living it up as an Austrian Uni student at one of the colleges/halls. They are pretty strict on attendence however I’m hoping to do some day trips over the weekend to the nearby countries. :D Gahh- so excited! Just booked the flights yesterday! I will be spending my bday over there as well!

4. Living with friends

Since I’m at MMC now for my Rheumatology rotation, it was best I stayed with friends because they live across the road from the hospital. Ahh the luxuries of living next door to your placement :) 

More news to come!

  1. Thao said:

    Very professional looking haircut. Lol. I believe my doctor has that some one. :D

    AND AUSTRIA! I’m so excited for you!!!! When will you be leaving for Austria?

  2. f said:

    Ah, I’m getting a bob cut, too! I’m a bit nervous though.

    AND AUSTRIA!! How exciting! Congrats/have fun :)

  3. Maggie said:

    Nice haircut, although a front view would be nice too. I think I like short hair too, so much easier to manage and looks pretty good on my face shape..

    Congrats on getting an internship in Austria! Quite jealous, I want to leave NZ, if only for a bit! ^^

  4. Lissy said:

    I think your hair looks lovely, from the back anyway :)

    Austria sounds exciting! Have fun!

  5. Amanda said:

    It looks nice! Mmm i’m sure the haircut will help you to feel nice a newly refreshed for things ahead! How long are you going to be in Austria? It sounds amazing and I’m sure you’ll be able to find some opportunities to hope around Europe a bit, seeing as you’ll already be in the continent, it will be so much easier that way. Yay! :)

  6. My Linh said:

    WOW, your hair is supershort but I think it looks nice on you even though I only see your back. Yeah, checking all of your blog entries, two months later… hahaha! But I read you go to Austria! That’s nice! When, when? Maybe I’m back to Europe at that time and it would be great if I could meet you one day. ;)

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