Mini Break

Things have been extremely hectic in the past month or so, so I haven’t had the opportunity to blog. I’ve been living with my friends in Clayton and have just moved back home as my Emergency Medicine rotation at Epworth Hospital begins.  

For the last 6 weeks I’ve been attached to the General Medicine Unit at Box Hill Hospital, which was busy but I learnt alot about what it took to be an intern. There wasn’t  time for theory learning as I spent most of my day running around after the registrar scribbling patient notes, calling other doctors and writing referrals to patient rehab. There was so much paperwork! (no wonder people call intern year as the glorified secretary year).

On top of that I’m busy chasing references, writing up CV’s and cover letters as it is time I start applying for Intern jobs for next year. My first interview is on Tuesday. Also have been doing Graduation Committee jobs here and there.

The next month or so is going to hectic, so I think it is best I have a mini break from blogging. I’m thinking of a redesign and identity when I come back. But for now, hope everyone is well and I’ll be back soon.

  1. Lolo said:

    Very busy, but everything sounds so awesome! I wish you the best <3 You will do great, Leanne!!! Take care of yourself~

  2. Ongaku said:

    I have been pretty bad about updating panikku as well so I feel ya on that.

    Good luck with your work load!

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