MFWF 2011: Cracking Crabs!

This is long overdue and I’ve been meaning to post about it since I signed up for it! On the last day of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival my boyfriend and I attended the Cracking Crabs event in Port Melbourne. With promises of eating off newspaper-covered tables, adorning giant bibs and using utensils to mash away at an endless supply of crabs… I was extremely excited!

The event was held at a The Exchange Hotel in Port Melbourne (my dream house destination?!). We were randomly allocated seats and were lucky to be sharing a table with a hilarious ex-nurse now flight attendant and investment banker couple. Accidentally spraying crab juice while cracking crabs on your neighbour was the best conversation starter :p

Infinite supply of beer

Funky bibs!!!

To Start


What we were waiting for!!! :D

Already excited about next year!

  1. Lissy said:

    that sounds awesome! you go to the best food stuff :P

  2. tiff said:

    omfg seafood, GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!

    It looks pretty sweet, I’m particularly in love with the “cracking” bib, haha I think it’s totally cute and funny.

  3. Thao said:

    Oooh it looks so good! Now I want me some seafood!

  4. nommmmmmmmmmmm this post is all sorts of delicious! i loooove seafood!

  5. Lorik said:

    wow!!! I love seafood!! Everything looks delicious~~

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