The future

Eight Hour Day

Since it was the last week on my Oral Maxillofacial Surgery rotation I was very busy completing surgical modules, putting together oral presentations, getting assessments marked, scurrying around Melbourne to get the best gifts for my team and stressing about getting a reference for Internship applications. But it all worked out :)

I have been habouring feelings of bittersweet. It is great to move onto another rotation (new team, new surroundings, new responsibilities) and I have heard good things about General Medicine at Boxhill hospital, but I’m going to miss the people I have been working with and learning from for the past 6 weeks. It is probably normal for them to say “good-bye” but for me I remember people for a long time.

With all the lectures about internship, CVs and cover letters lately, it has got me really thinking about my future. I still don’t know what I want to be. But with recent events, I realise the future always has something up its sleeve and the possibilities are endless. When life closes another chapter, a new one begins which brings new ideas, plans and thoughts which reshape your persepctive on your current situation. This either brings you closer to your dreams or deviate you to another dream which you never knew you had. 

For now I’ll concentrate on the things I can control (my CV, cover letter, my attendance) and I’ll have faith that everything is going to plan.

  1. Lissy said:

    but your in medical school! that’s more direction than most people have.

  2. Thao said:

    Good luck on everything!

  3. Amanda said:

    That’s a very nice view to have – the things you can control, that is. I wish I could get a better grip on it (this is like a nice reminder, actually), because it’s just been sooo easy to get distracted doing music and general arts stuff, rather than having a driving, centred focus.

  4. tiff said:

    Wow, impressive!

    Amanda took the words right out of my mouth. I admire your goal-driven attitude. I’m kind of, bleh, not entirely sure what do, it’s quite pathetic of me.

    But anyways, good luck girl!

  5. M said:

    i so know what you are talking about lol

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