Things have been picking up as my Maxillofacial Surgery rotation comes to an end. I’m taking more responsibilty helping the registrars and consultants out and we’ve had an influx of weird and wonderful emergency surgeries taking us late into the night. It is sometimes frustrating being the Medical student because your signature doesn’t count (so I always have to run after the the registrars to sign off simple forms) and you don’t get paid, but it’s nice to feel useful and part of a team :)

With weeks like these, I’m inclined to shut myself off on weekends and cancel lunch and dinner dates, but I’m glad I have friends who are very persistent. Last night I was dragged out of my lounging slumber into the rainy night to have dinner and “catch-up.” After a Japanese dinner, I had an immence craving for Fried ice-cream, unfortunately the search failed (sold out!) so Kevin suggested a cute new dessert joint called “Passionflower”.

The place was extremely popular with a line widing out the door. The dessert menu had a mix of Western and Asian influences and everything sounded and looked so good that each of us changed our minds at least 3 times! My friend had to physically take the menu away from me so I would stop changing my mind. ^^;;

Desserts are extremely photogenic, so couldn’t miss the chance to snap everyone’s orders :D

Playmate – lychee rose ice-cream, coconut jelly & strawberry syrup

Geisha-san – lychee & green-tea ice-cream on a bed of lychees

Waffles with green tea & milk thai tea ice-cream

Gold digger – orange & lychee compot in passionfruit icy jelly syrup and mango sorbet

Harajuku – Green tea ice-cream with azuki red bean, glutinous riceballs & black jelly

My Oohlala – seasonal sorbets, fruit salad & passionfruit sauce

Now back to work… I have so much to do!!!!

Passionflower on Urbanspoon

  1. Amanda said:

    I’m glad i just had a huge dinner and dessert – because those all look amazing! I wish we had decent dessert joints around here. Were they affordable?

  2. Maggie said:

    Oh my goodness! Yours looks the best… but all of them look amazing! What sorbets were they? It definitely looks interesting, specially that blue one~ I wish there’s something similar here! I want to try them all >.<

    It's good you feel useful, it's a good feeling! :) Good luck + have fun with the rest of your current rotation ^^

  3. M said:

    that looks SO GOOD :D :D im glad you’re working hard and having fun too

  4. Lissy said:

    I’ve passed by this post in my feed like 3 times and every time I was like *drool* gosh I could go for some ice cream right now. I think yours sounds the best, plus eating anything blue is always fun

  5. Anna said:

    Oh the green tea ice creams look so good!

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