MFWF 2011: High tea at Hotel Nest

March is the best time of year for events in Melbourne, with a line up of food, fashion and comedy festivals across the month. This year my aim was to attend at least one of these festivities. So when the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival (MFWF)  came around, I got my boyfriend on board, trawled the events list and chose a few events to satisfy our appetite.

Last Sunday we attended the Couture High Tea at Hotel Nest in Albert Park. An elegant establishment, bustling with activity with a packed pub downstairs with DJ and stairways leading to secret rooms. High tea was in an intimate white room with arch windows and soft pink flowers lining its sills. Chandeliers and glassware adorned the ceilings and the waitresses were quirky lasses with vibrant pink tresses and wearing vintage dresses paired with commando boots.

We were greeted with a complimentary cocktail, concocted that very morning by the bartender, named “Lavender Love.” It had a gentle sweet taste which I really loved so I asked for another – a mixture of lavender, cider and lemon sorbet. There was unlimited tea served in mini teapots, in which I ordered Tutti Frutti (very fruity) and Tea Party (rose tea).

Of course no high tea would be complete without manicured sandwiches — chicken and chive mayo was my favourite.

I was so excited about the couture themed petit forts and mini treats! We were spoilt with homemade marshmellows, pistacchio macarons, vanilla cupcakes, raspberry filled chocolates, shortbread, vanilla fairyfloss, blueberry pannacotta, Tiffany and Co fondant box, Chanel mudcake bag with liquorice straps and a white chocolate hat with 24 carat gold sprinkles.


By this stage I was very sugar-loaded and there were still fresh scones and surprise dessert to go! 

It was an amazing experience and I loved it. It is nice to know a decadent and charming high tea exists in Melbourne which is resonably priced. I don’t have to travel down to the country to find cheaper alternatives. The tea was so lovely I’m considering taking up tea; the whole time I was there I felt really mellow and chilled, even though I was hyped up on sugar!

  1. Lissy said:

    I’m so jealous! I love tea, tiny sandwiches and sweets! lol. That cocktail sounds awesome too. I should see if they have something similar in NY. They should, right? They have everything in NY.

  2. f said:

    What I need to do is visit you so you can take me to delicious eateries. Haha, you’re always posting such great food!!

  3. My Linh said:

    Aww… that looks so GOOD!!! I wish we had that here too! I actually was at a High Tea Party from friends for the first time this year. Embarrassingly, I didn’t even know what a High Tea was before… Anyways, love your pictures. :)

  4. Maggie said:

    Omg, that all looked so amazing!!! I wish there was something like that here… maybe there is..

    I’m so jealous! Ah, the 24 carat gold sprinkles! I think I died and went to heaven!

  5. Rebecca said:

    Ack! The little Chanel bag and hat.. So darling <3

  6. Minna said:

    That’s IT! I’m moving to Melbourne, right now. I am always jealous of you! Why don’t we have these lovely events? And that flower is even my favourite flower! :-O

  7. Katy said:

    I just went for my first high tea experience last weekend too. I love it! I love sitting in a hotel lounge for brunch too and just catch up with a friend… best way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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