Perfect Two

I know I should be studying for my Maxillofacial Surgery rotation which starts next week but I don’t have the concentration right now. I am usually out of commission between 2-5pm. Something to do with lunch and all the blood flow diverting from the brain to my gut which makes me sleepy and unmotivated. Anyway… check out these I bought last week! :D

Aldo Sara platforms

I was actually shopping for work shoes & clothes, but these caught my eye ^^;; Well I noticed them a few weeks back and couldn’t stop thinking about them. The suede and the platform which is curved in the heel-toe direction make them comfortable and stable to walk in… also makes one’s legs look sexy! :p I even jumped up and down in them in the store to demonstrate how great they feel, haha. I’m not a stilletto-heel-wearer so these are perrrrfect! They also come in black leather, but grey looks better to me.

Can’t wait to wear these babies out!

  1. M said:

    i have something very similar
    but of course
    i couldnt walk on them…

  2. Thao said:

    I think I am in love with your shoes!

  3. My Linh said:

    I don’t know if you remember but I am back, was gone for such a long time… :(

    Are these your legs? You have nice legs. ;) I love these kind of shoes. I love heels, nice pick.

  4. Maggie said:

    Oooh, those shoes look really pretty! ^^

  5. Lorik said:

    beautiful shoes!! I hope they take you to amazing places~ ^____________^

  6. zoraida said:

    oooh yeah! these are totally cute and look easy to walk in! you have straps to strap you down!

  7. Lissy said:

    cute! They look like they would be cushiony, but they’re a bit too high for me I think. I’d probably still try to wear them though :D

  8. Katy said:

    Nice shoes…and legs. ;)

  9. Anna said:

    Absolutely gorgeous shoes! Can’t wait till summer so that I also can wear sandals!

  10. Leanne said:

    Love these and yes! Grey was definitely the right choice ;D

  11. Ongaku said:

    I’m the same way, after lunch I just crash, especially if I eat a lot of fatty and fried food. LOL

    Those are super cute!!! OMG *ish a shoe addict*

  12. Kristin said:

    How fabulous!! You know what I love lol food and shoes! :D

  13. Tina said:

    Those look so sassy :D Fab, girl, fab.

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