Right now I’m typing on my spankin’ new ASUS laptop. I’m a long time Toshiba consumer however thought it was time for a change. :P I’m lovin’ the keyboard, its keys remind me of MAC’s. I’ve been putting off transferring my files because Windows 7 is frustrating to work around.

It is the last week of my holiday rotation so I’ve been trying to do everything I have wanted to do and also trying to get my mindset into Med again. Today caught up with the boyfriend for lunch at Mamasita. My facebook end of the world and friends have been raving about this Mexican joint so I thought we should try it out. It is extremely popular and they only eccept bookings for 7-10, less than that you have to really wish for the best. Luckily lunch is not as crowded so we got a seat easily.

The waiters were very relaxed, happily explaining the menu and pointing out their favourites and also keeping our glasses full. Tostaditas with crab meat, avocado, cucumber, mayo & habanero. Light and fresh bite sized morsels with a chilli zing at the end.

The waiter’s favourite, “street style” chargrilled corn with queso, chipotle mayo & lime. Maybe a new fav of mine too?! Great way to eat corn. Though you’ll probably need to floss after this one :p

Quesadillas with chargrilled chicken, coriander and queso fresco, accompanied by delicious relish which really gave it a buzz.


Tacos with prawns, chilli and chipotle armond salsa was a little disappointing. I love my Mexican food bursting with flavour and zing, so this was bland compared to the other dishes. However it was easily fixed with relish and Mexican chilli sauce.

Great service and an easy going atmosphere is really what drives this place. The food is not your typical Taco Bell which makes it more “fancy” and less franchisy. Definitely would like to see the nightlife and try their collection of tequila cocktails. :P

Hope everyone has been well! xx

  1. Thao said:

    Yum! This post definitely puts me in the mood for some Mexican food. Enjoy the rest of your break!

  2. M said:

    you always have such good food photos ^___^

  3. Lissy said:

    nothing like the feeling of typing on a new keyboard, the shiny new screen and that new computer smell.

    there’s this overpriced restaurant by my parents that’s supposed to be authentic spanish food, but in reality, it’s incredibly salty, slightly fancy tacos. $50 for salty tacos.

    but, chipotle, the healthy version of taco bell, with better food, $10.

  4. Maggie said:

    Omg. Your pictures of the food are to die-for! I always love your dining stories and photos, photos particularly :)

    I would so try this if I lived in Melbourne!

  5. Anna said:

    Looks yummy! And congrats with a new laptop!

  6. Ongaku said:

    I don’t think I have ever touched a ASUS laptop before, it looks nice from the pictures on google though. haha I have a stupid toshiba… could be nicer if I had more ram… better get on that. I use a heavy duty Dell for work though.

    Wow, that sounds like a fanzy mexican resturant. We have so many mexican food joints in my town, but it is west texas… *falls over* I hardly eat at them too. 0_0

    The food looks pretty and not super greasy, I could eat that. XD

  7. zoraida said:

    omg yummmmm. this post is so delicious.

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