Things I Love

Me and my long term friend at her brother’s birthday @ Red Violin

I’ve been working myself silly with errands and work the this week. Had to type up a CV, cover letter and obtain an administration letter from the university to get my medical elective application processed (when it is confirmed I shall announce my elective destination :D). Also been tutoring and bringing in the moolah to pay off Fiji spendage; yoga; watching Naruto Shippuuden (no more fillers!!!) and a little snippet of window shopping.

Anyway, my loves this week are:

Accomplishment and efficiency: I love that feeling of ticking off items on my “to-do list.” Sometimes I cross it out multiple times because I feel so happy for finishing. Even little things like “email so & so”, “scan this” and “call that.” My moleskine is riddled with daily to-dos — kind of OCD, but satisfying!!!

Yoga: With morning tiredness and troubled sleep I’ve decided it was time I got movin’ again. It’s been 3 days of morning yoga routines and I really enjoy it! Even the pains in my abdominal muscles — it means I’ve been doing something and I’m doing it right!

My boyfriend: He has been a true trooper and I am so lucky.

My bestest friends under one roof: It is a dream to have all your favourite people living in the same house. One car ride and you’re in happy land :D

Getting make-up professionally done: It was a wonderful experience. I wish I had my own make-up artist! I received a mini facial before hand and it was really nice to chat to the make-up artist about her work. As lovely as she was, unfortunately her eye make-up work was subpar. Everything else was great – foundation, blush, lippy.. but the eyes. I don’t think she has had a lot of experience with Asian eyes, so I had to clean it off and redo it when I went home. Pity. But the experience was free and fun none-the-less.

Other lovelies: Mario Bros; watching Glee; my boyfriend (again!); Japanese tapas; fried ice-cream; getting excited about Naruto Shippuuden; Maedaya’s takoyaki — sooo good!; getting out & catching up with old friends; drinking lots of water; orange & champagne; brunch; wearing my sexy tony bianco wedges out; feeling shimmery; taking parents out to dinner and seeing my favourite trends finally arriving in Aus (gahhh I wanna go shopping so bad!)

  1. Anna said:

    You look so pretty in that picture!

    I love crossing off things I’ve managed to get done. Such a great feeling!

    I’m very glad for you and your bf! You need to post more pictures of you two together :)

  2. Thao said:

    Haha, I totally get what you mean about lists and crossing things off. It’s such a nice feeling to have things lifted off your shoulders.

    Agree with Anna. Picture of this mysterious lovely boyfriend would be nice! :D However, mysterious can also be very hot too.

  3. Lissy said:

    I want to make a mobile app to dolist thing that will organize all the cleaning and stuff i have to do for the house based on how often i have to do it and then when I do something, I can use my phone to check it off and it’ll be awesome! lol. but i know I’ll never use it. I sign up for so many todo websites and stuff, but I always end up scribbling notes to myself.

    I <3 yoga :)

  4. Ongaku said:

    Aw, you guys are so pretty! XD

    Oh yeah, I really love that feeling too. I have been doing that a lot at work and for home projects.

    Oh hey! My best friend is living with us now too. <3

    Ah, getting all pretty is always fun. I loved it when we had ours down by professionals for the photo shoot. It was awesome!

    Glee <3

  5. Minna said:

    Hmm, I would love to do yoga in the morning, and if I lived somewhere that would be warm and sunny and bright in the morning I think I could too but here it’s always so dark and cold when I wake up I could never bring myself to do it! I think it’s good training for you, though. And your abdominal :-D

    I’ve thought about getting some professional tips from a makeup artist sometime, and also some skin analysis – think I could really use one or two but I also want it for free :-) That’s so nice that you got it for free! :-D

  6. Leanne said:

    You look great! Have you found out where you’re going yet? I can’t wait to here where, it’s so exciting. Wish I could go overseas for ages and just not be in the same boring place again and again :P

    PS Did you end up getting my parcel?

  7. zoraida said:

    you’re gorgeous! i love your top!

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