You’re a firework

This was going to be my first year of being non-single on Valentine’s Day, however it was an inconvenient day with both of us with work and uni commitments. We spent Sunday at his house playing Mario Bros and hanging out with our friends who were also his house mates. We ate Malaysian takeaway for dinner and then watched the Glee Valentine’s episode which was very sweet :)

From top-left: Coffee crunch, Green tea, Honeycomb & Double Swiss Choc

Don’t be sad on Valentine’s Day. When I was single I used this day to celebrate everything I loved and I still believe in that. This morning I bought cupcakes for my friends as a little surprise for when they arrive home :) Surround yourself with your favourite people and do an activity which puts a smile on your face. Show them your appreciation for being a special part of your life with little gifts or messages. Making someone smile is always the best.

  1. f said:

    Those look so yummy!

  2. Leanne said:

    Ahhh yum! They look great. I’m never sad on Valentines Day hehe. Today I spent $23 on Lindt and Guylian chocolates intending on sharing it at work but I felt like a little kid offering them to all the adults at work so I kept them for myself LOL.

  3. Lissy said:

    those cupcakes look amazing!

  4. Ongaku said:

    Oh, I need to watch that episode. Unless… I already have. I can’t really remember. haha *falls over*

    OMG those look super yummy XD

  5. Thao said:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen cupcakes like those before. AHH I NEED TO CATCH UP ON GLEE!!!

  6. Jessica said:

    Grats on your first non-single Valentines day! Even though you didn’t celebrate on the actual day, it sounds like you had a wonderful time together.

    And those are some cute cupcakes! I’ve never seen any for sale here :(

  7. zoraida said:

    i waaaant all of those cupcakesssss

    i’m glad you had a good valentine’s day! :3

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