New Year take 2

Firstly, I want to wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year! May the new year be filled with happiness, luck and a tad of surprises. For those who don’t celebrate it, see February as a time to reflect on how 2011 has been so far and whether it needs some tweaking or rearranging :)

I’ve been busy with family commitments, work and uni. The last week has been an emailing and phonecalling frenzy as mothers are trying to get me to tutor their kids and I’m trying to organise a medical elective for October. At the moment I’m on a holiday rotation so tutoring has been okay, however I’m concerned about the time I’ll have when I get back to 9-5 in the hospitals. We’ll see when it comes… it feels good to teach and earn money :)

I’ve been lazy having left my medical elective preparation last minute. I had wanted to go to NY or Canada however the costs and chances of being accepted are either too low or too late. At the moment I’m in communications with a hospital in Tanzania, Africa and Kamogawa in Japan, so hopefully I will have confirmation by the end of the week.

In between all that, I’ve been watching ‘How I Met Your Mother’, hoola-hooping, crashing at my friends’ house, having movie marathons and having lunch dates along the Yarra river.

Just wanted to update and hope everyone has been well! ♥

  1. Georgina said:

    Happy Lunar New Year! :D

    Good luck with the medical elective. I try not to leave things to the last minute because it’s just best to be prepared; fingers crossed you’ll be okay though. :)

    I have about 4 seasons of HIMYM that my brother gave me that I haven’t watched. I’m not really into the show; I do watch it from time to time though.

    RE: Thank you! I know it’s unlikely I’ll get my phone. :( It’s disgusting how dishonest people are these days, just disgusting. :/

  2. Lissy said:

    if you came to NY we could hang! though I don’t hang with my friends in NY now, so, it’d be like a more in theory type of thing.
    It would probably be cooler to go to Africa or Japan anyway, but maybe it just feels that way to me ’cause I’m closer to NY and Canada?

  3. Minna said:

    Your life sounds so nice! Don’t know what it is, but you just seem to savor all the things going on AND remembering them! :-) I hope you get to go somewhere cool :-D And I kind of wish I could tutor and save up some money too ;-)

  4. Amelia said:

    Oh I remember when I tutored, it was kind of fun, but kind of awful too. GOOD LUCK ON YOUR MEDICAL ELECTIVE. I hope everything will be ok ^.^

  5. zoraida said:

    D: I’m so late because for some reason I can’t subscribe to your blog!

    But happy new year!! Good luck on your medical elective!

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