Newmarket and The Premises

Yesterday Boyfriend and I had lunch at the revamped Newmarket Hotel in St. Kilda. I saw it on a Melbourne food blog, and was allured by the interesting menu and funky architecture.

The joint boasts Californian and Spanish fusion and recommends sharing food. The staff ranged from Indie to Hipster inspired and were extremely friendly and helpful. When I asked whether they had any mocktails, they offered to concoct a customised one for me and with the instructions of “strawberries and citrusy” the bartender created the perfect tangy fresh drink for a hot summer’s day.

First we had the Catalan pizza of the day which had sweet and savoury flavours. I don’t remember all the foods on it, but jalapeno and nectarine stick in my mind. T’was interestingly yummy.

I have heard rumblings of the pork carnitas in the soft tacos and had to try! Once again there was that sweet and savoury mix. There was the zing of pickled pineapple; the vegetables reminded us of Vietnamese rice paper rolls however the adobe sauce just kept it Mexican.

The roast of the day was the lamb with a mix of other flavours like squash and olives. Unfortunately I wasn’t a huge fan of this dish.. I think it was the squash, however my boyfriend named this as his favourite dish so far.

♥        ♥        ♥

Afterwards we went to his house, which he has just moved into with three of my favourite people in the world. Can you believe it, all 4 of my lovelies under the one roof! :D I caught up with the others then played Mario Bros with the boy. We had Chinese for dinner then all watched Easy A (love this movie!). It was nearly 2am when it finished so I stayed over.

For breakfast we randomly decided to go to Kensington and pick a place. The Premises caught our eye with its sparse but cool decorating. We dined on those old wooden school desks you had in primary school, by the front window watching people and the train go by.

I had the french toast with vanilla mascarpone and a some-fancy- syrup :p

Also had the 100% strawberry juice which came in an awesome bottle which I forgot to ask to keep because I got distracted talking to the waitress. She was my highschool friend who I hadn’t seen in nine years since we both moved schools. We have both took interesting paths, her’s has got me thinking about mine…

  1. Georgina said:

    This makes me want to go to Melbourne more. I think that it’s better than Sydney, but I don’t know for sure. We have a Kensington here too. O_o

    That drink looks so tasty! :D I long for something like that these days, it’s too yuck for ice cream and too hot for water. I hate Australian heat a lot sometimes. ;_;

    I love tacos! I recently had soft tacos with my boyfriend, it just tasted like small burritos… still, I love Mexican food!

    That’s pretty cool you sort of caught up with an old friend. I haven’t seen a lot of my high school friends, I don’t think we’d get along as well, since we kind of drifted apart. I’m still friends with my best friend from then, and I’m still with my boyfriend, I guess that’s good enough for me. :)

  2. Maggie said:

    Ooooh, that mocktail looks tasty! And that meal sounded really nice! =)

    I def want to dine out more but low on the funds ;__;

  3. M said:

    looks like you’re having a gREAT summer :D

  4. Thao said:

    Wow, old high school friends. I’m at a point where I’m not ready to see people from the past yet. The transformation is still incomplete.

    Hehe mocktails! I can’t wait to turn 21 and go drink at the bars!

  5. Tina said:

    Wanna try that mocktail :D It looks so summer-y. That hotel is on my list if I ever go to Melbourne :D

  6. Jane said:

    The architecture in that restaurant is really nice, I have never been in a restaurant that looks like that :(

    Also that mocktail is making me really thirsty, it looks delicious!

    Reply to the comment on my blog:
    You wanted to follow the progress of my diet, I posted a second entry called “3 Day Diet – Part 2” if you would like to read it.

  7. zoraida said:

    wow the architecture is really cool! and i’m loving all the food pictures — yum!

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