2 days before, 2 days after

Gingerbread town display inside Crown

My boyfriend was heading to China on Christmas day so we had an early Christmas celebration on the 23rd at ‘Breezes’ restaurant in Crown Casino. I’ve been here once before for a friend’s birthdayand enjoyed the food very much so thought it was a good chance to go again.

The menu’s theme is French cuisine mixed with modern Australia. I ordered the roasted Morten Bay bugs with hand cut chips and garlic butter, while he ate the roasted kangaroo with spinach, bacon and poached pear. Both dishes were delicious however did not fill our stomachs, so we decided to order a small dish of wagyu with pickled beets and truffle dressing. For dessert I had my first ever creme brulee which was very “creme” and I don’t think I am a fan. He thought it tasted “good different” from regular creme brulee because it had figs in it.

Afterwards we headed back to a friend’s house and watched ‘The Invention of Lying’ which was an okay movie. I felt like the movie changed genres halfway through; it was like comedy/satire and then romantic comedy? Haha.

Next day we had lunch at ‘Kenzan’ Japanese restaurant on Collins street because boyfriend had a work dinner the other night and loved it. The maitre’d was a gorgeous and vibrant little Japanese lady who greeted us with joy and really made the place. All patrons who entered and left the restaurant greeted her like an old friend. The waiters and waitresses were in traditional costume and the food felt authentic. We both ordered the two -tiered bento box which had miso soup, sushi, sashimi, tempura and an appetiser which was dumplings in a broth. The meal was delightful and it was the best tempura I had ever had! — the batter was the perfect crispiness and lightness.

Boxing Day was hectic as usual, my sister and I were at the shopping centre from 7:30am to 6:00pm — yeah we’re pretty crazy :p I had a list of items and found some of them. Bought a Tokito black dress for hospital/work/placement which was 30% off; surprisingly fitted me well and was thin enough to not get too hot and a reasonable length so I’m not going to offend any patients if I wasn’t going to wear stockings :) Also a Tokito top with a cute Peter Pan collar and mesh backing which was 50% off. The other top was a random buy which was 30% off and reminded me of the Miu miu print :p Also bought other essentials but am still looking for a pair of black pumps, which I am hoping to find tomorrow in the city.

My little sister surprised me with this necklace last night!

Anyway, I’m off to watch ‘Hustle’ — have been watching it during all my free time this week. Housemate introduced it to me this year and I’ve been hooked. It is like ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ with British flair in a TV series :)

  1. Zoraida said:

    The food looks delicious and I’m really loving that necklace!!!

    Great style! :)

  2. Leanne said:

    Yummmm, it’s making me hungry! When I visit Melbourne you’ll have to give me a list of places to try, hopefully I can get down there soon. That Tokito top is so cute! I definitely have to look for it at my local Myer :D

  3. Emily said:

    Ahh, pictures of food makes me hungry! I love creme brulee, especially the ones with fruits on top that they sell at this one bakery at the mall.

    I love that necklace. I have something similar to that, but they’re earrings.

    Merry belated christmas to you too! :)

  4. Jen said:

    The meat pictured, is that the kangaroo or the wagyu? And I had NO idea that you could eat, or that people really did eat kangaroo. The garlic butter chips sound delish and the bentos look so good.

  5. M said:

    merrrry christmassss
    belated anyway
    the food looks delish :D :D
    and i love the blue printed top you have there
    super cute ^_^

  6. jeniffer said:

    I like the dress with birds, so cute.. and the black one which suits for your work. You eat too much.. haha.. It all looks yummy as usual. Everytime I visit your website, I find new foods in the menu list.. Yummy!

    Oh, what website you are using to edit the pictures. Coz I’m planning to buy polaroid instead of other brand like canon or whatsoever.. because I think polaroid is similarly like DSLR–you know the shots.. :)

  7. Veronica said:

    Great food pictures! That swallow top looks like Miu Miu *swoon*

  8. Georgina said:

    Oh the food looks tasty! I’m from Australia and I’ve never had kangaroo steak… shame. :P I love traditional Aussie food though, all that food looks so good.

    I love Japanese food so much. All kinds – be it bento, ramen, sushi, miso soup… it’s so delicious. I had tempura a few times, once it was disappointing because it was mostly batter than filling. x_x Hahaa.

    I am in need of new clothes but haven’t bothered going out to buy anything!

  9. Lorik said:

    YUMMY~ The food looks great~ I have never had creme brulee either..must try soon~

    All three tops are super cute~ I love swallows<3

  10. Ana said:

    Oh. My. God. I JUST ate lunch and now looking at your blog, it makes me hungry again, haha. The meat looks so good! Is it the Kangaroo meat?

    I’ve never been a fan of Japanese food but the Tempura sure looks good. The tops are cute too. I don’t think there’s such thing as Boxing Day sales over here but if there were (and if I had any cash), I’d go on a shopping rampage haha.

  11. Jenii said:

    Kangarooooo?! What did it taste like?? O_o!!

    What cute tops/dresses!! The peter pan collar is adorable!

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa the bento look amazing.

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