Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a safe and magical holiday with family and friends :)

Christmas at my house is a small affair, Mum cooks a nice dinner on Christmas Eve and sometimes Aunty comes by. My little sister and I buy presents for everyone which we just opened this morning. Now everyone is off doing their normal daily thang, haha. After this post my sister and I are going to watch “Despicable Me”. :p


From my boyfriend:

Koko Black milk chocolate Santa Teddy — don’t know if I have the heart to eat him! :3

Hi-Fructose Collected 2: a collection of articles from issues 5-8 from Hi-Fructose Magazine, featuring my favourite contemporary artist Audrey Kawasaki’s work on the front :)

Care package/Bday prez/Xmas prez: Postsecret book & Domokun slippers from my friend Jason who is in London right now having the time of his life! :D

Chocolates from my lovely students; this is how I’ve been bringing home the bacon these past few weeks :D

My youngest students didn’t have a card so the brother took one of his sister’s Xmas cards and scribbled out the names and replaced them with mine and theirs ^^;;

From my little sister:

Smashbox WISH Wishlist: undereye brightener, o-gloss gold, photo finish foundation primer (heard this stuff is good!), fusion soft lights in baked stardust & midnight black eye liner

Coupon for make-up application by Kit cosmetics :)

Smashbox contour kit, includes shades to contour, bronze & highlight

MAC brushes & pouches from the latest collection “Tartan Tale”

I hear MAC brushes are the best! So pretty … wish my paint brushes looked this good :D

I think my sister is trying to drag me more into the “make-up” world, haha~ I’m very excited to try all these goodies. My sister is soooo sweet, buying a present for me is a bitch (everyone says so :P) and these make-up brands are very expensive here in Australia (2x-3x the prices in America)!

Now I’m off to munch on Vietnamese sticky rice cake Mum just cooked ^^

For those I usually send Christmas cards & gifts too, sorry they are a bit delayed this year — hopefully they’ll be there soon.


  1. eduardo said:

    awwww your gifts are freaking badass. i love the chocolate bear.. so cutee! i’m always get so exited when i get influenced or people’s blogs remind me that i’m half-jap and that i should probably do something with it. lol & by that i’m talking about audrey kawasaki. i will def check up on her art. i love intelligent modern artist.. especially when their art is pretty. ^_^ i always have a hard time painting on wood! >_<

    happy holidays!

  2. winn said:

    wow~ a lot of make up stuff!
    I’ve always wanted to try smashbox’s stuff but still haven’t finished my other stuff…
    merry christmas leanne!

  3. Leanne said:

    Merry Christmas Leanne! The Smashbox contour kit looks so good, let me know what you think of it! I’ve been contouring my face with whatever I’ve got.

    Haha, also that card is so cute! I wish I was teaching little kids, they really are the sweetest people :3

  4. Amelia said:

    Wow, the presents are so cute especially the card from your students. I found that especially cute. And I agree MAC brushes are badass.

  5. Amelia said:

    Oh yeah, I forgot MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  6. Lorik said:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS LEANNE~ ^___________^
    Lovely gifts!!! I hope you had a wonderful time with your family~
    Thanks for all the support <3

  7. Thao said:

    Merry Christmas! The gifts look lovely. I think the only time we get together as a family is to open up presents together. Then we all split off. Like right now, my parents ditched us to go to some fancy dinner party and my sister went to her boyfriend’s, so it’s just me and my little brother. I guess as we get older, Christmas starts to lose its magic. I’m sure it’ll come back again and we’ll all go crazy about it once we have our own kids.

  8. Emily said:

    Cool gifts! I love MAC brushes! They’re good, but I haven’t cheaper brands that are just as good that I use. Merry Christmas!

  9. Amanda said:

    Aww the card with the scribbled out names is so cute! And it’s so sweet of your sister to super-splurge on makeup for you. I just recently got into MAC when I went to America, and bought a pack of 5 brushes in one of those tartan bags too, they’re amazing! :) I know i’ll definitely be calling my sister to send me replacement items for my makeup bag once my supplies start running out, because just like in Aus, the NZ price is a ridiculous markup from America as well :(

  10. Minna said:

    I want all your presents!

    I can see you love that artist, I think I need to go do some research!

    And I want your makeup kits, especially the blush set with instructions!

    And I love PostSecret. I just bought one of their books!

    SO CUTE bear I couldn’t eat him either. I think he’s delicious though :-/

  11. jeniffer said:

    Wow! I envy with all those gifts.. really it was all admirable..esp. the smashbox make up.. aww.. hahaha.. :)

    Btw, sis can I ask.. what polaroid camera you have? thanks..

  12. Zoraida said:

    Awesome gifts! I got a bunch of chocolate as well. LOL JUST INDULGE!

    Merry (belated) Christmas!

  13. Jen said:

    Ooh chocolate and makeup. Sounds like a great Christmas! Your sister is so sweet for getting you all that makeup!

  14. Jenii said:


    Hope your Christmas was fantastic!! Lots of awesome gets!!

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