Dream Big

I’ve always had trouble with my decision to do Medicine ever since I started Medical school. Being a doctor, was not a profession I ever dreamed of and those around me thought it would have been a waste to delve into the Arts with the subjects I studied and marks I received. This year these feelings hit me really hard. I couldn’t deal with the stress and guilt anymore and stopped attending uni and clinic. I felt inadequate and a fraud for not loving a profession which required “passion” to endure it. I felt defeated.. was this what the rest of my life was going to be like?

I was very lucky to have a supportive group of people around me: my housemates, my boyfriend, my friends who all provided me with encouragement and hope. As 2010 comes to a close, setting goals has been on my mind. I realise I have to stop making excuses: not being good enough, not enough money, fear of disappointment, my parents…

I have to stop whining and start doing! Dreams don’t happen over night, they take years, decades of small steps. In Med we learnt that goals have to be specific to be attainable, ie. I have to plan out my journey in small steps,  instead of jumping to the final destination. My insightful housemate told me that I was not stuck. Medicine could be my plan B (a very good plan B), now all I have to do is work on my Plan A. Afterall my dream job may have not been invented yet. Who says a doctor-artist-writer-fashionista is not possible? :)

Dream. Believe. Take action.

  1. Minna said:

    [We wear hospital clothes at hospitals and if we’re in clinic we usually wear regular clothes. They’re just very strict with no rings, no watches, no long sleeves etc. in our medical care!]

    Goals have to be SMART right? ;-) Dear God I’m sick of it! Let me just tell you that the doctor in my team also gives courses in croquis painting and lives with an artist. I’m in my own medical profession but I’m still a better writer than physio and I will always write books! It is my big goal – becoming an author. But I do physio because I love it and it will give me a better life. I think your doctor-artist-writer-fashionista dream is VERY POSSIBLE.

    And I love this picture in the bottom of the post. I find it very difficult to see what’s med and what’s artist. Is the Hi-Fructose medical? The cover is beautiful :-)

  2. Veronica said:

    I’ve had those feelings too – that I should just quit being an artist and get a “real job” – but those are defeatist feelings internalized by the bad influences in my life! You can do it!

    John Maeda is a graphic designer/scientist/educator – you can do it too! Be the ingenue!

  3. Amanda said:

    Woah, since when did you come back to the blogging world?! And how did i not realise until now! I’m glad you’re active again, even if life’s been difficult and daunting. Your post has been really inspirational though – unlike you, i took the path that was considered by many to be a “waste” of my subjects, grades from high school, so i guess we’re facing opposite challenges. But you can do it! We all need to keep dreaming, and making those dreams come true. If only it didn’t seem so hard all the time.

  4. Jen said:

    This feels like such a New Year’s~ 2011 post to me, it’s so heartfelt!! Doctor artist fashion expert… I think the world needs that right now :)

  5. Anndrea said:

    Wow, reading this post makes me feel so inferior but also inspires me to strive to what I want to do. I guess I can be whatever I want to be! *claps*

    Dream Big Indeed!

  6. Emily said:

    Your friend is right. No one is really stuck at one job or career. It just takes a lot of courage and steps to get out of it. I know how it feels. 6 months ago, I felt stuck in one place. I was working at a job I hated. I wasn’t going anywhere in life and I was living at home. It took a dramatic experience for me to quit, moved and found a job that paids better and I’m nuch happier here. Though, I’m trying to go back for my masters, but I’m still working on that.

  7. heather said:

    i couldn’t think of anything else more concise to say. we’re given dreams for a reason; have courage to follow where they beckon.

  8. Zoraida said:

    Honestly I think that you could be all of those things! Dream big, indeed. And good luck :)

  9. Anna said:

    Did you drop out of med school?

    I’m not sure if I’m studying what I really like either, and I’ve thought like you many times, but never really getting serious. I should. It’s a smart thing to do.

  10. Kiyu said:

    Doing medicine is definitely not giving up on your dreams. If you ask me, it’s merely a means to get there. And I certainly agree that medicine is an excellent plan B! Excuse my excitement, but I can’t express how much it pleases me that you have come to see matters like this the way you do!

    Btw: http://kiyu-shii.net/p/so-why-did-i-choose-pharmacy/
    How crazy is it that we used the same terms? Science as plan B and arts as plan A? Great minds think alike? :D

    Btw, Audrey Kawasaki is my current favourite artist too. I just ordered a gelaskin featuring her “She who dares” for my iPad. It’s going to look beautiful!

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