It’s beginning to look like Navidad :p

My boyfriend and I went out lastnight for dinner at MoVida Aqui, a Spanish wine and tapas bar in the city. We have a love-hate relationship with this place since everytime we call it is booked out — but then again we always leave bookings to the last minute. The place definitely did not disappoint! I had high dreams of travelling to Spain over these holidays however with limited budget I have had to scale down my plans, so this past week has been eating at restaurants of countries I had wanted to visit :P

MoVida Aqui was great! The waiters and waitresses were lovely and the service was efficient. Everything on the menu was made to share and we downed our food with delicious Sangria (mmm). First we had the bocadillo de calamares (calamari sandwich with basque guindilla & mayonnaise) which I heard about on a food blog and they were soooooooo good, according to boyfriend my face was “priceless” – I was in heaven.. hahaha :D

Then we had bomba (catalan potato bomb filled with chorizo) which were so creamy, I never knew you could have chorizo like this!

I think this was my favourite unexpected dish of the night -Buey (roast wagyu beef with tocino de cielo, potato crisps, pickled garlic and black garlic). All the components worked so well and there was so much flavour!

For the final main we had a paella called Arroz Negro which was bomba rice cooked with cuttlefish, squid ink and served with alioli. We chose it because it was black.. hahah~ The waitress came out with the dish and told us to smear the alioli all over the surface then let it melt into the paella before serving. Yummmilicious! From the previous two paellas I’ve had previously I have always felt they lacked flavour and wasn’t sure if that was normal or not, but this paella really packed a punch– who knew alioli mixed so well with rice?!

Of course we finished the night with churros and dipping chocolate but unfortunately it was the only disappointment of the night..

Afterwards we headed off to Ivanhoe which is famous for its Christmas decorated houses. The houses weren’t as spectacular as previous years (probably due to crappy weather this year) but it was still nice to walk along the glow of lights and listen to carols.

  1. Becca said:

    everything looks NOMtastic :9 I don’t even know what half of these foods are… goal for next year: try new foods!

  2. Lorik said:

    WOW~ everything looks delicious! The calamari sandwich looks so good.
    Is the quid ink used for flavor..or color?
    I have always wanted to visit Australia during Christmas…just cause of the opposite feeling I would feel…if that makes any sense..hahahaha

  3. Eliz said:

    Wow! Looks so delicious! :D

  4. zoraida said:

    all this food looks and sounds soooooooo delicious … my tummy is rumbling!!!

  5. Thao said:

    Oh Leanne, you always have my drooling by the end of the post.

    I just realize that I have never been to a Spanish cuisine place, since there are none to my knowledge. After looking at your pictures, I might have to actively seek them out and give it a try. They’ll probably be in San Francisco at some super pricey place high up. At most, I might be able to get something similar at a Mexican place, but it might be completely different.

  6. Leanne said:

    I always think I comment on your entries but when i check I never see them, haha! I must do it in my brain :P Everything looks so yum, I haven’t tried Spanish cuisine at all I think. I’ve really wanted to go to a tapas restaurant though!

  7. Minna said:

    Yum yum yum! I want tapas toooo! I’m so making something better to each this weekend. Final.

    I love you two go out to dinner, such a perfect start =)

    And those decorations are wild! Not very Scandinavian =D

  8. Jen said:

    That is such a nice idea…instead of traveling and visiting countries, find restaurants that serve their authentic cuisine! :D We have a French restaurant and Cuban place near my home and I’ve never thought of eating there.

    Food looks good as always. Churros are so yummy and I never thought to dip them in chocolate. Now I want churros.

  9. Jenii said:

    Woww…what a green December XD

    The food looks fantasticoooo!!

    The bomba look so adorable!

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